Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lost Bowling Pictures

The day started out like any other day...okay, so that is a humongous lie...the day did not start out like any other. I was up at the crack of dawn because my dearest darling hubby was snoring like a bear in hibernation....still lying...there was no sign of dawn at 5:30...not even a hint of it...dark dark dark and completely black it was outside I tell you!!! Well anyway, to get to the point...I did tell you it was 5:30 AM didn't I???

So I will assume you get the point that I do not do mornings....since I was awake, I did my morning devotions (before noon - as it was 5:30 AM!) and was still wide awake (in other words - hubby was still doing the bear thing) so I decided to take pictures of some of the projects I've been working on since it's been FOREVER since I have blogged anything....did I mention that it is the Christmas season and who has had time to blog?!?! Anyway, I took the pictures of the quilts and downloaded the pictures (all before 7:30 AM since I have been up since 5:30 AM!!!) when what to my startling eyes should appear but funny pictures of bowling from Thanksgiving vacation with here they are including the 'roll for the spare' by my hubby Doug (the one who snores like a bear - he woke me up this morning at 5:30 you know!!). One of Michael tripping over his pants that he tries to wear like hiphuggers with a load in them...and a picture of Katie (I'm assuming since I don't think Douglas wears his sweatshirt like a dress)....I'm also assuming that Douglas was behind the camera because that way he wouldn't wind up in a goofy picture on my blog....of course if you want to see him anyway, just check out previous posts where I was the one behind the camera (no one escapes from the picture maniac when I'm behind the camera).....

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