Thursday, August 06, 2009

Currently I am trying to find a new blogspace since blogger has said i have used my quota of picture space and have to pay if i want more...argh. Where will I go and what will I do???? Guess I could always delete the older posts but I really don't want to do that either.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bridgette's Surprise Baby Shower aka Operation Gumball

Our friend Bridgette is getting ready to have her 4th little boy. She didn't want a baby shower since it was baby #4 but she had given away all of her baby things since she didn't think she was having any more babies (like we've never heard of that happening to anyone before). But we had other plans for her *heh heh heh*

Oh, did I mention that this is her 'Disney souvenir' since her hubby had come home for leave from Iraq. He's been gone 2 years except for the Disney trip *snicker snort* so she has received more than her share of 'looks' from neighbors who didn't know he was home for 2 weeks. He is home and the baby still isn't here (I do believe he is going to be like my youngest who finally came when he got round-to-it) but thankfully her hubby has gotten back and will be here for the delivery. Maybe he will be a Fathers Day baby since her first was born on Mothers Day. :)

Best of wishes to Bridgette, John, boys & baby?

Kristine puts the final touches on the baby carriage.

Shelley & Carrie doing prep work

this is why we let Robin do games :)

waiting for Bridge


Robin takes charge 'and let the games begin'

Evie, willing victim (uh, i mean participant)

Laura looks thrilled with that one *heh heh*

Sheryl is REALLY enjoying this game *snort*

and then the camera died which is why i have no pics of her opening up her gifts :(

and the picture that made me run out and get my hair cut because it looks so awful of me:

Penny, Leila, me, Sherl (back)
Donna, Marshea (front)

First DOT post in forever and of course it's 2 days late....

I got a new camera for my birthday. The puppies are the only ones who are truly cooperative when it comes to picture taking so I got a little carried away. These are pics taken May 19th of them getting to have ice cream cake for Douglas' and my birthdays. They LOVE ice cream cake....

Okay I'm sure I've told you that although Charlotte is reddish she is a true blonde in a bad sort of way...really really cute but dumb as a post....she spends her time chasing her plate of ice cream cake all over the floor and I do mean all over the floor!!

I suppose it had just been so long since he had had cake that Wilbur completely forgot how to hold down the plate until he had it under the table...silly puppy

And finally all full of cake and ready for bed....

It Started With This

This was a 0 birthday know, a number followed by a 0. We will not go into which 0 year however just suffice it to say that it's a big one.

And as if that was not enough there was mischief afoot.........

isn't this just the sweetest card?

you'd think so.


this is what is on the inside....

okay i laughed, it was funny i had no idea of what would be awaiting me in the mail a few days later....

and was followed by this one...Tim is now my favorite sibling since he wanted a nice card xoxoTim from your new sister kim.......

i smelt something fishy at this point so i was not surprised when......

i finally received this in the mail which offers an explanation...i knew they were in cohoots and i also know who the head hoot is too and he will suffer come august......

so here they are lined up on the tv set. Doug tried to find the same card here so he could get it and put wife on it....creep


These pics are from last month May 19th on Douglas' birthday (his is the day after mine).
Douglas had a birthday necklace...doesn't he look thrilled to death?!?!?

and a I had a crown and a new do (much more flattering than the long hair in a clip)

Doug and Michael setting the cakes on fire...heh heh heh

Douglas had cheesecake.

I had ice cream cake

My Darling Friend Jadene

My darling friend Jadene sent me these incredibly lovely flowers from Ladybug Flowers and Gifts for my birthday!! Ladybugs always puts a ladybug on their creations. I've taken pictures from each side as each was different and I want you to see all the pretties that were in it. Thank you Jadene!! I'm so blessed to have you as my friend!!! <3 you!!