Friday, May 22, 2009

Mothers Day May 10th in Okeechobee

We went to Timothy's Sunday School class and watched part 3 of They Sold Their Souls for Rock N' Roll which I would highly recommend after only seeing the one part. It was very informative and blew my mind completely.

They gave mothers and grandmothers a yellow rose in the church service and this was mine the next day. It smelled so good too!!

I was then surprised by Timothy telling me that he was going to be BAPTIZED!!! YAY!!! It was so exciting to see him go into the waters.

Afterwards we went to the Crossroads Diner and then came back to the Farm to hang out until it was time to go to the farm next door. They have a pond there where the guys climb up and jump off into the pond from a swing. I wasn't good yet at taking the flying shots so I didn't get one of Timothy.

May 9th in Okeechobee with Timothy

We started our day with an airboat tour and saw all sorts of birds, babies, dozens of baby alligators and a hint of a couple big alligators in the water (which was fine by me don't need to see them up close and personal).

Birds and babies

We ate lunch at Lightsey's. Timothy had a burger and I had crab cake salad and we both tried the frog leg appetizers...tastes like chicken. The wait was long but we got there at prime time. The food was really good though and it gave us time to chat and Timothy to make phone calls to family. The decor was very interesting too.

The largest hill aka the dump in Okeechobee