Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Eve my kids came over to mom & dad's to celebrate. There are quite a lot of us when we all get together. Erik, Holly & crew stopped by for a little bit before heading off to Christmas Eve services where the kids were in the play.




Tim & Damon



Shawn cheesin it
Kari, Sierra, Jason, Phillip, Brandy, Timothy, Douglas, Doug, Michael
RJ, Shawn, me, Kristopher, Joey, Katie
Timothy, Jason
Brandy, Me
Doug, Douglas, Michael
Katie & Joey

There's always one in every crowd

Aunt Brandy, Uncle Timothy & Sierra

Kari & RJ

Kylie Elise

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Cute Brandy!

Doug loves pie


My nephew Joseph...the oldest of brother Erik's children

Sierra Nicole

Brotherly love, Kristopher and Shawn

Middle son, Jason and Kari

Kate and Eric in the background



Mom-mom and Pooh (Sierra)

Katie and Joe

How he wishes it was
How it really is


We went to Donna's on the 23rd to celebrate Christmas with the family. Donna, Tim, Andrew, Noah, Dad, Mei, Eric (Mei's nephew), Aunt Mary, Uncle John, Doug, Douglas, Joey, Katie, Caitlin, Michael and me.

hangin out with the food

Dad and Mei....Mei is standing on her tiptoes
the stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

Donna, Tim and Noah. Andrew managed to hide while this was being taken.

Doug and Donna's Aunt Mary (his mom's sister) and Uncle John.

I was trying to get Doug to stand to the side of tree but instead he wanted to stand in front of it where we completely hide it...ACK!!

The Doug's...Jr. & Sr.


Brothers Michael and Joey
Joey's new girlfriend, Caitlin with Katie.
Douglas and cousin Noah hanging out.
ACK!! Again with the pictures....argh

Misty was a real trooper. She offered to take Doug's place wrapping presents since he worked on her computer the last time we were up. I like decorating packages but am not big on wrapping. Bags are my new best friend. We spent a couple hours working on the presents, chatting, catching up, etc. you know...sister stuff.
ah, what a mess
presents waiting to be moved under the tree

Cub Scout Wilbur

Okay, this time Doug found a smaller Cub Scout shirt for Wilbur to wear. This one was snug enough that he didn't pee on it. Don't he look darling? (Wilbur that is)
Photo frame I put together for my brother, Erik and Holly of the 'Hoots'.
Kari's scarf done in Paton's Divine with a multicolored fun fur edging.