Monday, October 30, 2006

The Guys

The 3 generations of Doug and Michael.

Michael, Douglas and Andrew.

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Pumpkin Patch

One of the perks of the kids going back to school in the middle of the summer (Aug 3rd) is that they get a fall break from Oct 20-25 this year. We headed north to see the family (yes i know i just got back from there but you can never see too much of the little kiddles).

Fall is well underway there and Kylie invited MeeMaw and Auntie Kim to go with her and her mommy & daddy to the pumpkin patch on Kent Island on Saturday.

It was great fun!! They had gourds, an animal petting zoo, a hayride and of course....PUMPKINS!!

The miniature horses already have their winter co
ats coming in...we've told Kylie she should get Pop (my dad) to buy her one and keep it at his house for her to ride (that would be soooo much better than the stupid corvette he just bought).

Goats, donkey, turkey, assorted chickens and a pot-bellied pig were among the other pets there.

MeeMaw doesn't do hayrides anymore (not since Auntie Kim was little and she spent a week recovering from hayfever anyway) so she stayed and talked to the animals.

Here we go on our hayride....

WOW!! Look at all the pumpkins!!!

Kylie finds one right away (and yes she made sure that one came home too).

Daddy Eric finds a really heavy one!

Pumpkin picking sure is hard work.

I'll carry this one myself.


we had a really fun day at the pumpkin patch.....
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This little cardinal was eating the seeds from the wildflowers in the front flower beds. He was up by the front door when i first tried to get his picture but started following the seeds down the steps.

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Fall Playday

Wednesday, October 18th we had playday at Rachael's. I had tried to get these blogged before we left on fall break but it didn't happen.

Rachael had the idea for us to make fall/halloween pins. BettyAnn chose her signature cat. Rachael a witch,

Carolyn (Rachael's mom) a pumkin Posted by Picasa and I chose to do a scarecrow.

BettyAnn brought the cutest goodie bags for us!!

and they had m&m's too!!

Rachael made a lovely lunch and the grandest dessert...
a chocolate gateau (i think that means sinfully delicious).

Blucco was a very good boy and wanted to play ball after we were finished

(well we had worked on them a while anyway) with our pins.

A picture of my inspiration.

It was a wonderful day!!!

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shaved purse

Rachael showed me how to use her razor on my purse to remove the lint from washing. It looks great doesn't it?

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Friday, October 13, 2006


IT'S FINISHED!!! Woo hoo!!

(I cannot believe I didn't bother to cut this picture down and leave out the mouthwash...argh)...

Here's the picture of the bag after's stuffed with plastic bags and apparently I have to BE PATIENT FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS....bummer....

well, whatcha think??????

Learnin' Me to Knit

Rachael and Betty Ann's challenge for playday was learnin' me to knit....I wanted to make a felted handbag....and I wanted it to be fall.

Here is the yummy wool in orange and the mixed wool in colorful texture that I used.

Diligently knitting away.
...ah, on BettyAnn's needles I had to borrow because mine were tooo long...

finished knitting and pre-felted pictures....I'm sooooo excited!!!!

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