Saturday, September 01, 2007


I finished these on my vacation trip to Maryland last month (can you believe it's September already?!?!).

I made these shorter than the original pattern called for.

The pattern is Holly's Socks and I found it at Knitting Pattern Central.

I'm a little late with posting these pics. Doug had a work trip to Maryland and I tagged along for the vacation (plenty of pool time at Mom's and getting to see the kids and kidlets too). It was the end of July and first 2 weeks of August when we went. It was the first time the 18 yr old Douglas was left alone too.

Oh well, as we were packing to go, Spunky wanted to be sure my suitcase was adequate before I went. He didn't even blink when I took the pics.

Mystery Plant

we don't know what it is but it is surely thriving at mom's house

Moms Butterflies

Moms butterfly bush was just loaded with butterflies. They were all gorgeous. Here are just a few of the visitors she had.

Poolside pictures

Kylie needs to be a model....

it's so nice to have a willing subject to photograph

Kylie and Pop

Doesn't EVERYONE put their swim suit on this way?????

And you REALLY think I'm getting in that pool with that crazy boy????

Sierra and Aunt Brandy fixin to get into the pool

Kristopher, the king of splash

you can't catch me and make me go into that pool....

just a little closer.....

Joseph eating melon

James aka Spiderman

Jennifer preparing to dive into the pool

Shawn snorkeling

Eating Watermelon

Sierra shows the finer points of watermelon eating