Thursday, November 30, 2006

Emergency Quilting Session

On Monday BettyAnn was experiencing a quilt emergency. So, we all got together at Rachael's and pinned quilts for her grandchildren and one basket quilt from a swap the guild did a while back.

Here is a cute little purse that Rachael has done for her niece for Christmas. Isn't it cute? It's a Lazy Girl pattern.

This is the back of the 3 grandchildren quilts we pinned. Okay so I wasn't on the ball and didn't get the front sides of any of them...geez

One of R's knitting magazines from the 60's...

BA doing a little tweeking before pinning.

Pinning the basket quilt.

She's cut the batting into thirds as KarenKayBuckley does to hopefully make the quilt easier to handle while quilting. Will let you know later how it worked out....

Friday, November 24, 2006

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Road Trip to Columbia, SC

I've never been to Columbia, SC so Tuesday BettyAnn, Rachael and I set out east to check out the town.

The yarn shop we had planned to visit was closed so that will be a later trip.

Here's a shot of the Capital.

We stopped in a few shops along the way when it started sleeting, which it did along with the rain for the entire day. So there aren't a lot of pictures today.

Amusing shot of a Group Therapy Building with close up of a sign in its window.

A couple of the shops we went into at 5 Points. I especially loved the clothing at Loose Lucy's.

BettyAnn's finished felted purse (see prefelted at Wed playday).

Misty's Felted Bag

Misty has asked for a brown felted bag and picked out a pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns called 'Fjord and Nubbles Felted Triangular Handbag'. The wool was from Lamb's Pride in 'Golden Patina' and 'Chocolate Souffle'.

This is the pre-felted bag with close-ups.

In the washer for felting...eewwww.

Checking the bag to see if it's ready to come out.

Laying it out on a towel.

Squeezing out the excess water before stuffing with plastic bags to shape and drying.

Finished handbag. Doug's comment was 'it's weird looking, your sister will love it'....high praise from my hubby!!

Trip to Randy's in Savannah

Well you already know that the three of us are noted for doing unusual things. Well Tricia and Carolyn had been yardsaling before we arrived in Savannah and had met Randy. He had an unusual vine in his backyard and they took us to go see it. Randy also rents rooms out and gave us a tour of his home. Very nice guy and very friendly. He has a dog too and I was able to get my puppy fix while there too.

The pumpkin is made of metal and was quite the statement!

Just had to add this picture of BettyAnn which I will probably catch all sorts of grief for....but I was just getting a picture of the house itself...honest BA....snort snort.

This plant is a cassia and was blooming all over Savannah while we were there...beautiful and the yellow is very striking.

The front door is so homey looking with seating, plants and the cutest bear to greet you.

And here is the infamous vining plant we came to see. Rachael must continually remind me of its name which is 'Dutchman's Pipe'. I won't tell you what Randy called it. It starts out very small and then goes through stages as it unfurls. Quite unusual dontcha think?

Here is the very well behaved dog who listened well too...not like the two spoiled brats at my house.


For all you PI fans out there: check out the name on the door.

Some of the buildings in Savannah have unique drainspouts on their building like this one.

I just love the balcony porches and wrap around porches on many of the buildings. I'm glad the city of Savannah has preserved much of it's architecture instead of tearing it down for parking lots and new buildings like some other cities have done.

Well you know us girls, we can't not at least window shop. There are a lot of little artsy shops there and here were a few items that peeked our interests as artists.

Savannah has quite a few parks on it's squares. Here is one with a statue of Oglethorp.

SohoSouth Cafe & Bakery

We tried to go to the SohoSouth Cafe on Saturday but didn't have time before the performance at the college, so not to be deterred, we went on Sunday for brunch.

The tables outside were full on Saturday but we were there early on Sunday (which had turned decidedly cooler).

Inside is a seasonal tree which was decorated for fall.

The place once was a garage (I believe Tricia may have gone out with the owners son a time or two).

All sorts of ecclectic art is inside which is for sale. Local art students and artists have their stuff in there and is quite varied and something will suit everyones taste.

Rachael and I
sitting at the table trying to decide what to have.