Friday, December 30, 2005

Monday Family Gathering

My parents home is the largest and most centrally located place to meet and have group gatherings. All my kids and their families, along with Doug's kids were there too. The ragtag group is Jason, Doug, Joe, Katie, Michael, Douglas with Brandy and Tim in the background.

Timothy and Sierra. Sierra wasn't feeling too well...just some of the cold that was going around up north. She was still smiling and doing her best to be lively but you could see in those precious little eyes that she was feeling pretty 'puny' (as my Nanny used to say).

Auntie Brandy found the perfect way to entertain a little girl who is feeling puny...just give her helps to smoothe over all kinds of offenses and

Daddy Jason holding Sierra.

The crowd opening presents. Kari is holding Sierra in the chair.

Katie was pleased with her 'Life is Short Go Shopping' shirt...I like that motto too!!

In the kitchen catching Misty, Doug, Dad, Mom and Tim (yes, we have 3 different Tim's in the family - you either get all or none of them to answer

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