Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today was the Class of 2008 graduation at Greenbrier High School held at the James Brown Arena in Augusta at 9:00am.

Here is Douglas getting his gown and cap on and he and Michael posing before going into the arena.

My camera (I've tried all the different setting available) makes a sorry statement for up close and personal photos when in an indoor setting. I was really disappointed but here is what was passable.

Ryane was one of the last to go up for her diploma being at the end of the alphabet and all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

DOT - Charlotte

Charlotte came to live with us in July of 2004. Her birthday is on tax day April 15th and she was 3 months old. Actually she was not the original Charlotte who, like Wilbur was the runt of the litter. The original Charlotte had kidney issues and died after I had made the trip up to my sons to get her.

Wilbur went with me on the trip, it was the first solo trip I made back to visit family in Maryland and he and I made the 10 hour trip with no incident. Anyway, after Charlotte the 1st died I was left with a dilemna; Doug said 'I forbid you to come home with another dog' and all I knew was that Wilbur was waking me up multiple times during the night because he was lonely and I was sleep deprived and Doug should have known to not forbid me to do that being said, there were 2 female pups left to choose from...

Well neither pup had the short dark muzzle that the original Charlotte had and that I liked so much, both had too much white for my taste also but as I said before, I NEEDED SLEEP and didn't really care who came home with me but someone was going to come home with me!!!

So to decide which one was the new Charlotte I decided that Wilbur could choose. Mind you that Wilbur HAD NO DESIRE TO BE A BIG BROTHER and was perfectly content to be an only dogchild and wanted absolutely no part in this little sister thing so......

I took both puppies and let them go one at a time. Charlotte ran straight to Wilbur licking his face and prancing underneath of him and staying real close by and not leaving him alone. The other potential Charlotte ran in the other direction and eventually came to Wilbur giving him a sniff and running off in the other direction again having gained her freedom from the puppy pit (pen). So, that being said, I didn't pick Charlotte, Wilbur didn't pick Charlotte, but Charlotte DID pick Wilbur and she came riding home in her own little crate which was seatbelted in the car with the opening facing Wilbur and his crate and she has been a part of our family ever since.

Oh, and yes I was in trouble for bringing home another dog but I was able to sleep through the night so I really didn't care....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Room Floor

After years of kids and dogs and cat messes, spills and accidents, we finally ripped out the beige carpet in the family room.

Thankfully the boys and Doug were the handlers of the rug uninstallation and general grunt work.

We then proceeded to vinegar the floor to neutralize the animal stains and odors. It was followed by 2 coats of BIN Primer and then 2 coats of floor paint in brown and 4 coats of floor wax.

I'm still in the process of putting the knick knacks and such in the room. Hopefully in the future when we knock out the wall between this room and the front sitting room to make a larger family room we will redo the floor in either wood or ceramic but the paint will do for now.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday and it's also my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday MOM!!

After moving rooms around and still in the throws of redoing rooms, I decided I did not need any more stuff.

When Doug asked what I wanted for my birthday I told him: dinner at the Thai restaurant with the two of us (boys don't like Thai) and a hand made card or poem (by him)...

Friday night we went out for Thai and I got a bonus lunch today at Pablanos Mexican Restaurant in Evans with the boys and Ryane too.

When I came home Doug gave me my birthday card which I love to pieces!! He took the pictures, found the clip art and all the facts (he said it was a lot of work and I believe it!!) and using his art skills made a really cool gift that I will cherish. He put himself in it and I know that art is not talent that comes naturally to him so I realize the effort it took for him to do this and I hope he realizes how very much I appreciate his endeavor!!

I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with for our anniversary.......