Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pins and the road trip for Christmas

Saturday the 24th at 1:00 AM I was finally going to bed. Estimated time for departure being 7 AM on the 24th. At 1 AM I had finally finished sewing the last of the lap quilt for my brother. I was beat...completely exhausted and totally not finished with Christmas presents....

We were only off schedule by an hour or so and fortunately traffic was not bad going up 95 to Maryland. I had plenty of time to cut the threads off of both quilts, bead and finish the pins for my daughter and mother and sister, and take a nap.

Taking a nap is the best way to make the trip go by faster. I'm not one of those people who can read and be in a moving car, I get horribly car sick if I do. I have been able to sew, cut threads and crochet for short durations at a time.

So I sing in the car and when everyone has enjoyed as much of that as they can stand, I take a nap...preferably a long one.

I must admit that the Durango has proven to be much more sleep friendly than the Saturn and Sunbird were. The seat reclines further back and there is plenty of leg room for the teenage boys in the back (middle) seat. The back of the truck was full of luggage and presents, some of which were even wrapped (bless the heart of Gloria for that!!).

It's a good thing Doug can use the mirrors or we'd be in deep pooh. Usually there is only a small hole to see out back of when we head up north for the holiday hoedown.

Last year we traveled on Christmas Day and there was hardly any traffic at all (of course there were no food places open either). Christmas Eve proved to be very light traffic wise so we were pleasantly surprised when the trip was shorter than normal AND we were able to be fed

Here are 4 of the finished pins. Forgot to get a picture of my mom and sister's pins. I'm keeping the 3rd pin and wore it over Christmas...will probably gift the 1st one and the 2nd one went to my daughter, Brandy for Christmas and the 4th to my friend Jadene.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Day

In front of the Christmas Tree with the train and village. Trains are a favorite of all the kids at Christmastime. You will always find them there checking out the new additions to the set up (great gift ideas for Dad who is impossible to buy for). Of course Dad, whoo is one to never let the expectant kids down, has some new something or other for their amusement. This year we had 2 working trains going...Little Jimmy-James checking the train out.

Jennifer, Erik, Joseph & Holly (who always winds up with the trashbag and torn wrapping paper collection).

Jennifer and Joseph (we have a few of them too) cheesing for Auntie Kim.

Kylie opening presents and showing off her loot.

Tim and Damon opening presents.

Another Kylie picture...she sure is photogenic...just like her momma when she was little (we won't discuss those preteen and teen years though)....

Doug who has been ever so cooperative with my picture taking (for a change)...

Visit to Jason & Kari's

So what do you suppose a grandma's (or in my case a mom-mom's) favorite thing to do is? Of course, babysitting the much more fun than raising children get to be the good guy when you are a mom-mom!! I had begun to think I would never get a granddaughter before little Sierra came along...don't get me wrong...I adore my grandsons...all 3 of them....Kristopher, Shawn and RJ....but there is something special about a granddaughter too...

Sierra and big brother RJ.

Cousin Kylie came along too. She really likes to play with RJ.

Michael and Apollo chilling out on the sofa.

Mom-mom trying to feed a sleepy Sierra.

Quite a couch-full.

Grandpa Doug putting Sierra to sleep while we played cars in the floor.

Monday Family Gathering

My parents home is the largest and most centrally located place to meet and have group gatherings. All my kids and their families, along with Doug's kids were there too. The ragtag group is Jason, Doug, Joe, Katie, Michael, Douglas with Brandy and Tim in the background.

Timothy and Sierra. Sierra wasn't feeling too well...just some of the cold that was going around up north. She was still smiling and doing her best to be lively but you could see in those precious little eyes that she was feeling pretty 'puny' (as my Nanny used to say).

Auntie Brandy found the perfect way to entertain a little girl who is feeling puny...just give her helps to smoothe over all kinds of offenses and

Daddy Jason holding Sierra.

The crowd opening presents. Kari is holding Sierra in the chair.

Katie was pleased with her 'Life is Short Go Shopping' shirt...I like that motto too!!

In the kitchen catching Misty, Doug, Dad, Mom and Tim (yes, we have 3 different Tim's in the family - you either get all or none of them to answer

The Search for the Missing Boobah's

To back up a bit, last Christmas Miss Kylie was absolutely and undeniably not fond of males...none except her daddy of course, oh and RJ and the other little cousins (the key word being little). She didn't even want any of the guys to even look at her...not even peeking!! She would pucker that little mouth up and tears would fill in her eyes and if they didn't completely go away, she would scream...She didn't want any parts of Uncle Damon either, and all of the kids love him. He used to babysit mine when they were little and they loved that he would play with them and read them stories. He's also a favorite with my brother Erik's kids too so we were all quite shocked that his charm was completely wasted on the darling little Kylie.....That was last year.

As you can now see, she has gotten over her shyness and spent the evening after all the cousins had left, entertaining Uncle Damon. They were searching for the missing boobah's (pardon me if I have spelt it wrong). Of course they weren't really missing...Kylie knew exactly where they were

...but of course Uncle Damon had no clue and searched all over (and under) the little table and surrounding area for the little boobah's...Anyone who has ever been around (or had) small children who have been up early, had no nap, had lots of stimulation from other children, soda, candy, etc. you get the picture...knows what a child is like by the end of the evening when they are not quite ready to give it up yet....they have a fit of the giggles

...not the little whispery giggle of an important secret that must be kept quiet....but the kind of giggle that ends in uproarious laughter as if one has been tickled and can't catch ones breath...the kind of laughter that is infectious and has everyone...even those who can't see what's going on...laughing too...that was how the evening ended...Uncle Damon has been redeemed and is still holding onto his title of Most Favorite Uncle....

Christmas at Donna's

We all went to Donna & Tim's to celebrate Christmas on Tuesday. Doug was absolutely tickled with his boyscout nutcracker!!

Donna and Tim laughing.

And of course you must have the annual picture parade in front of the tree. I must admit that Doug & Donna's kids are much more amiable about the picture thing...mine all grumble and complain when I try to take pictures of them...except of course for the little guys who are always cheesing it up...Kids all posing for a picture in front of the Christmas tree...Douglas, Andrew, Michael, Katie and Joe.

Douglas, Doug, Joe & Mike.

Sister and brother posing together...Donna is the one who got the looks in the

Tim, Donna and Andrew pose in front of the tree...Noah did not want to participate in the picture taking at all.

Visit to Brandy's

Wednesday we spent the day at Brandy's.

Kylie enjoyed playing with RJ's matchbox toy that made spooky pirate noises. It's hard when you are the only little girl with a bunch of boy cousins...they really don't like to play dolls.
Brandy is holding Ittybitty...isn't she cute?

Kristopher was running and playing with Ittybitty.

Shawn and RJ played army meets the ninja know...boy stuff!!

Cheesing pictures of the kids.

Doug and Kristopher play Rubikscube.

Surprisingly the big toy hit were the sets of Magnetix that Shawn got for Christmas. We all got in on the building with them. Kylie's favorite part was squishing what you made and giggling hysterically at your shock...RJ wanted everyone to make him something special...

All in all it was a fun day...Kylie, RJ & I all fell asleep for the hour long ride home while Doug got peace and quiet!!