Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike & DOT

Michael's birthday was the 22nd. He's 16 now!

Wilbur -'I smell cake'....

Lazy girl Charlotte with her tongue stuck out. :)

Wilbur is so sweet when he's sleeping.

Just look at that ear! Wilbur has pretty big ears and they are very expressive.

Too much cuteness for words!

Treat time!! Charlotte takes the treat gently....

then chomps it like she has no manners at all...argh!

Wilbur tries to take my hand too....not always but sometimes he just gets so excited. Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Driving Pics from Annapolis to the Eastern Shore

I took more traveling pics by clicking and pointing. Don't worry, I was NOT sticking my eye up and ignoring my driving at all. Also there is some pic glare and shadowing from the inside of the truck.

Heading out of Annapolis after my lunch with Jadene, I drove over the New Severn River Bridge which connects Annapolis to Severna Park and Cape St. Claire and was the shorter way to Baltimore before 97 was put in. The bridge in the distance was the Old Severn River bridge and was a draw bridge. They built a new bridge (imagine the jokes about the New New Severn River Bridge that went around and whether the New bridge would become the Old New Severn River Bridge...etc.) and named it the Naval Academy Bridge which eliminated all sorts of confusion (and fun depending on if you were a native or not).

I had to take a pic of the Cape St. Claire exit where I was raised from 1st grade on. I lost the community in the divorce settlement but we won't dwell on that. :) I was also amused by the motorcycles with their matching trailers!! Just hope my dad doesn't see them or he may try getting mom on the back of that motorcycle of his and touring around on it!!!!

The toll booths ahead!! The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (technically now called the Wm Preston Lane Jr. Memorial bay bridge) is just over 4 miles long each way. The east bound strand is a two lane highway while the west bound is three lanes. The east bound is the original bridge. The bridge site has all sorts of info and even video cams which are cool to watch too.

Getting onto the bridge

It's really cool to see the sea gulls flying. They do occasionally fall victim to the big trucks that go by unfortunately.

Heading up the bridge. You can get a good look at the west bound bridge too.

My travel companion, a gift from my friend Pamela.

A shot of the West bound span which is higher than the east bound span I was on.

Kent Island is in the distance

My daddy's daddy worked on the original span of the bay bridge and daddy remembers walking on it as a young boy...pretty scary as a kid especially since it wasn't finished.

The sky was pretty hazy. The weather while I was there was hot, steamy and had off and on showers especially over the weekend.

You can see Hemingways and the airport from the bridge as well as the houses on the water on Kent Island.

This retaining pond as you drive off the bridge is usually full of ducks and swans among other flying critters.

Mines the 1st exit after you get off the Bay Bridge. You cannot know how much of a thrill it is to get over the bridge especially after driving from Georgia. The Bay Bridge is such a thrill after the almost 10 hours of being in the car.

Heading up the ramp onto Rt 8 and taking a right

Bay Bridge Airport next to Hemingways on the right as you turn down Rt 8. I love to fly and wish I could more frequently than I do. I love watching the planes fly and take off and land too and I'm especially fond of the smaller planes as opposed to the large 747 and larger.

Scenery on the left side of Rt 8 heading toward Romancoke.

They've added another school on Rt 8 and I think it's a middle school & elementary school but I don't remember for sure.

Sign showing the Batts Neck turnoff on Rt 8

Corn in the Tavakoli Farm field

Final destination - Mom & Daddy's house

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

I was gone for just over a week to visit family and when I got back the puppies were thrilled to see me! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you are greeted at the door in a throng of yips, kisses and puppy hugs? Charlotte stuck to me like glue and is only just now starting to let me leave the room without her aide. She was so funny.

My sister mentioned one Christmas that the light on my camera is incredibly a result of that, Charlotte often refuses to look at the camera when I'm taking her picture. How am I supposed to focus when she won't look...argh????

Wilbur says 'I'm sitting here just like you said momma...can I have a cookie now???'

Charlotte just won't sit still when I'm taking her picture...argh

Charlotte give the kitty kisses...oh, did I forget to say the kitty HATES when Charlotte gives him kisses....

My friend Margaret's pit bull grandbaby Livia & me . Doesn't she remind you of Charlotte???

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deeper Still Conference in Atlanta

A few weeks ago (the weekend I left for my family visit to Maryland) some of the ladies from Grace Baptist Church in Evans (about 25 of us) went to Atlanta for the Deeper Still Conference featuring Kay Arthur (who I have been dying to see in person), Beth Moore (who I have seen several times before but is as terrific as ever) and Priscilla Shirer (Tony Evans' daughter), music by Travis Cottrell and his band and Mandisa (who was on American Idol).

These pics aren't fabulous as they were taken with my phone camera. The arena in these pics wasn't full but by the start of the conference Friday night the upper rows were full of people too. There were 19,000 people at the conference!!!! Traffic was crazy so I'm really glad we carpooled in addition to the bus. There were 5 vehicles of us including the bus.

Some of the girls in the pics are Debbie, Jayne, Leila (who keeps her head turned so no one really knows what she looks like in pics), Shelley, Marshea, Kristine, Allison, Laura, Nona, Karla, Melissa.

The conference was wonderful!! Priscilla was the youngest in the group and I've never heard her speak before. She was funny and is such a wonderful woman of God and was pregnant on top of it all!! I've never done one of her studies before but would love to in the future and she has several books out too. I've heard her father before and she is following in his footsteps quite well.

Kay Arthur is probably my favorite teacher. She focuses on the word and adds little to no personal opinion in interpretation. I've done several of her Precept Upon Precept studies and was so excited to hear she would be with Beth & Priscilla. I'm looking forward to one day taking her PUP Leadership course.

Beth Moore was the first ladies bible study I did when I came to Georgia. I have enjoyed her studies & lectures and conferences for years now. She never fails to uplift, challenge, and make you laugh all while helping to lead you closer on your journey with God.

Travis Cottrell and his worship band are always full of energy and good song. Mandissa was a great addition and was in Travis' band at several of the previous Beth Moore conferences I'd been too before her jaunt on the American Idol show. She has a phenomenal voice and is a lovely godly woman.

It rained a deluge while were in the arena on Saturday but the sky had dried by the time we headed to the cars when it was over. We were all excited, tired and inspired on the ride home. It's always fun to have girl discussions on the way home too and we chattered, laughed and continued to have a good time until we pulled into the parking lot at church, unloaded our luggage and headed for home. The next day was Sunday and I then headed to Maryland for my vacation with my sister, daughter and their families. The conference was a wonderful beginning to a wonderful vacation and gave me plenty to think about on the 10 hour trip to Maryland.

Road trip home...Leila is behind the wheel...Laura, Babs & her friend, Chris, Tricia, Nona, Allison & Lisa.