Friday, December 30, 2005

Visit to Brandy's

Wednesday we spent the day at Brandy's.

Kylie enjoyed playing with RJ's matchbox toy that made spooky pirate noises. It's hard when you are the only little girl with a bunch of boy cousins...they really don't like to play dolls.
Brandy is holding Ittybitty...isn't she cute?

Kristopher was running and playing with Ittybitty.

Shawn and RJ played army meets the ninja know...boy stuff!!

Cheesing pictures of the kids.

Doug and Kristopher play Rubikscube.

Surprisingly the big toy hit were the sets of Magnetix that Shawn got for Christmas. We all got in on the building with them. Kylie's favorite part was squishing what you made and giggling hysterically at your shock...RJ wanted everyone to make him something special...

All in all it was a fun day...Kylie, RJ & I all fell asleep for the hour long ride home while Doug got peace and quiet!!

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