Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Book Making

Last Thursday Rachael, BettyAnn and myself spent the afternoon making books.

Well, getting the books started. All the cutting, sewing (yes sewing, by hand mind you) and glueing.

Then we rubberbanded the books together until we got back together today to work on them again.

More glueing today and rubberbanding the book together. Then we were able to start working on the inset pages. We formed little pockets and all decided to do ours on a slant. We stamped inside and outside of the little pockets after rubbing stamp pad along the edges especially the ones we cut with Rachael's fancy scissors.

My book is going to be a gardening one especially with all the gardening I've been doing lately. I snitched this idea from Rachael who was doing a gardening theme also as is I do believe BettyAnn. I started watercolor pencilling in on some of the pages this evening but didn't get them photographed yet. These are some of my pocket pages in their stamped phase.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yard Art on the Tour of Homes

Saturday, June 17th we headed to Greenwood, SC to Parkseed and the Tour of Homes. Here is some of the yard art at the first of the homes we saw. Frogs.

Cat bowl is adorable.

The glass cat is really cool too.

The dragonfly wings move in the breeze.

The sculptured tree is really amazing.

Tour of Homes

This home had the most amazing gardens. She had also decorated with inside curtains, tables, etc. to make outdoor oasises. The hydrangeas were a brilliant blue and just enormous.

A wonderful bridge over the water.

BettyAnn and Rachael (being a cut-up).

Adorable little bench that overlooks the hydrangeas and is surrounded by plants.

Patty, Rachael & BettyAnn waiting for me to quit dawdling over the flowers.

Greenwood, SC

The last house on the tour of homes.

Pretty backyard secret garden.There was also a tour of the inside of the home which we did not go on.

Garden Demolition

One of the summer projects around here is garden renovation for the front of the house. It has started with the demolition of the larger bushes in front of the house. Michael was able to dig out 6 of the 7 holly bushes.

Day in Atlanta

The rest of our day in Atlanta was spent noodling around the shops on the way and in Roswell.

We had seen a little pottery shop on one of our other trips and decided to check it out...Outside the door was framed in ceramics.

The shop next door sports a Georgia Turtle outside.

I have always loved the old brick buildings. I'm glad that many are kept intact and renovated as opposed to tearing them down and building new.

Some yard art outside the art studio.

The canna was just too beautiful not to photograph.

I just loved the water feature too.

Some shops that we will go back and investigate next month since we ran out of time and many were closed.

Fiber on a Whim - June

June 6th we headed west for our monthly Stargazer Tome class at Fiber on a Whim in Atlanta. This months class is the beaded naked fat lady. I'm having trouble getting into her so I'm looking for an alternative design.

The peyote beaded stitch was fun and Carla shows us how to manage it. These are some of the samples the girls at FOAW have made.

Jan shows us how the beading is to be attached to the lady.

The flip side of the lady is a picture framed with beads.

I'm not sure which one did the beaded butterfly but isn't it wonderfull?

The beaded bags were done by Carla...I didn't get pics of all of them but the ones I did were amazing, huh?

Sue, Judy and Ille look over the project samples.

Ille's little doll...isn't she a cutie?

BettyAnn, Rachael & Carla.

Closeup of the beading that mimicks the fabric design.

Ille and Jan who was showing us how to bead the ladies.

Kristin manning the cash register.

I've really enjoyed the classes at FOAW. I don't know what we will do when the year is over. The girls there are so talented and helpful and lots of fun too! Each one has their own specialty and their tomes have turned out as individually creative and diversified as the ones our little group of friends have done.