Wednesday, February 28, 2007

further progress on the shawl. i've been working on it in the evenings while i'm watching tv. the colors are pretty dark but i am really liking how it is turning out.
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I relocated my shelf today ALL BY MYSELF. I am quite proud about it too. The shelf was too low and interfered with the new desk in my sewing room so it had to come down. It's taken me FOREVER, but I finally got it put back up....and in the studs too!!!

SSSHHHHH!! Puhleeze, don't tell Doug about all the holes in the wall. I have until next Friday to get them hidden...uh, I mean fixed. yeah that's it, fixed.

I even used a level (mom would be sooo proud) and I held the shelf and used the power screw driver too and drilled holes in the underside of the shelf so I can hang my doodads back up (dad would be sooo proud).

The smaller shelf (which fell down when the cat jumped on it) got holes drilled into the back instead of the picture clamps. Unfortunately this didn't work either and I suppose I will have to screw it in from the front if I want it to stay up and be used. Otherwise to the trash it will go!!

Poor Doug. He is 2 hours behind us and it's snowing. Weather says it's 25 degrees and feels like 15 and that the chance of snowfall is 70%...tee hee.

That's what he gets for going on a business trip to a place I've never been to and wanted to visit. He better bring back quilting fabric and yarn.

On the up side, it's 72 and sunny here in Evans, GA.

Bet he wishes he were here.

Oh, and by the way Doug, the puppies are keeping your side of the bed warm for you....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Monday, February 26, 2007

i just love my new Denise Needles!!!

i'm working on a shawl called Tweedle Dee.

close ups

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's Finished!!

last night i finished crocheting the baby blanket for Sabrina's soon to be here little girl....any day now. i hope she likes it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

As you can see i'm not getting much done other than quizzes. i have been working steadily on finishing the baby blanket and am working the 4th round of the edging!! hope to be done soon and blog the finished blankie.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I was greeted with this balloon and chocolates and a wonderful card for Valentine's Day from my hubby, Doug. He also ordered (okay i ordered them) Denise knitting needles for me.

a box of chocolates in the most wonderful velvet covered box.....

They came on Thursday!!! Aren't they beautiful
Well my Valentines Day got a little scary. My friend Gloria who was in the process of moving, got very ill when her diabetes flared up. Stacy, Gloria and i spent the better part of the day in the emergency room. Stacy stayed until they got Gloria in the ICU. Doug, Douglas, Michael and I along with Pastor Rod and a couple of the guys from West Town Community Church (Gloria's church) started packing her house up and moving it to her new place. Gloria is still in the hospital and in a regular room now...THANKFULLY!!! She should be home sometime this week...then she starts the fun of unpacking....

Mom and Daddy sent us this card. ain't it just too cute!!

at the end of the day this is the card i came home to that made me cry. Kylie drew a special picture for me (well and the guys too) and signed her name too. i miss that little girl

My dear sweet friend, Jadene sent me this valentine card. I worked for her parents at their flower shop, Colonial Florist in Annapolis, MD for forever before I moved to Georgia. Jadene is like family and we get together almost everytime I go back north.

Friday, February 16, 2007

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Monday, February 12, 2007

i just finished the binding on the bird wall quilt!!!

Shawn's Fish Quilt is pieced together

Shawn's Fish Quilt is pieced together!! now to add borders......

close up of the top

This was going to be a replacement for Kylie's blankie but Misty has said she is being very careful with her repaired blankie for now. Soooo, i'm going to finish crocheting it for Sabrina's new baby to be instead.

closeup of the afghan
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i started sewing the triangles on the ends of the rows and the rows together for Shawn's quilt today.

can't we help too? we'll be good......Yeah, i've heard that before you two

1/2 sewn together!!!!

i love the mourning doves. the sound of their wings when they take off is sooo cool

little piggy

not looking at you

female cardinal in one of the feeders

Friday night was the Military Ball at Ft. Gordon for the local high school JROTC units. Doesn't Douglas look handsome in his uniform.

Thursday we helped Gloria move some of her stuff into her new place

Sara and Sean