Monday, September 18, 2006

Yarns and such

Here are two patterns that I'm hoping to one day accomplish for my granddaughter. A little scarf and a poncho. We'll see. Hobby Lobby was having yarn on sale and I scooped up some of it.

The yarns at the yarn shop and patterns that I got there will be used (hopefully) for wool felted purses (again we shall see).

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Puppy Piglets

One would hope that with a king sized bed, one would have plenty of room to sleep in. Yeah, well, that's if you don't have 2 king sized pitbulls sharing said bed with you. Charlotte sleeps on my side of the bed, with my pillow and she is a drooler too. Wilbur sleeps on Doug's side of the bed and wants it all. He's just acting like he only takes up a little bit of space but he's truly a bed hog. Charlotte even has herself tucked up nicely too. Deceiving little varmints trying to make a liar out of their momma.

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Alpharetta, Georgia

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This month we headed to Alpharetta, Georgia after our class at FOAW. The old barn was on the side of the road so I pulled over and parked to take the picture. BettyAnn & Rachael have given me so much grief (friendly I dare say) over taking pictures while I'm driving. My goal is to help them have new and different experiences in life.

The brick building was taken because I thought it was cool looking.

Only Ewe and Cotton Too & The Bead Bug were combined in the same shop. The skies had opened up on us as we were going
inside so we were very greatful the two shops are together!!

I have finally been coerced (by BA & R) into learning to knit again (I did it a VERY long time ago). Hopefully some felted purses will come out of this endeavor. It is a nice little shop and has yummy yarns which we petted and drooled (not really) over. Rachael came out with some
cute beads too.

The owner of the shop told us of a delightful place to have lunch and we stopped there on our way out of town. It was called the Crabapple Cafe and Creamery. No we didn't get ice cream but we did have delicious sandwiches and soup while we were there. Definetely a place we would stop again if we're in the area.

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With all of the excitement of a new baby, I hadn't blogged our adventures to FOAW for the monthly tome.

This months tome is a fairy house and woods for the fairy to cavort in. Kristin's fairy is pictured here with shots of the open and closed door. I really like the little troll as an alternative if you don't like fairies (which I do).

Jan thought about putting a bridge on her tree page (th
e better to capture the fairies...). I like her rendition of the tree house for her troll too.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

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The beautiful mom-to-be at her baby shower.

Sara delivered 9lb. 1oz. Sean Patrick on Tuesday, September 12th at 7:57pm. Nana Gloria and Auntie K. (me) were there with the very proud momma for the delivery.

Baby Sean saying 'PUT ME BACK'.

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Have I NOT been through enough already and now you're making my feet all inky....geez.

Momma Sara is very glad to have this delivery thing all over with.

Oh so that's what my momma looks like...I think I'll keep her.

Yeah, well just remember...I'm keepin my eye on you!!!

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is Gloria's baby and Wilbur's niece. She is half the size of Wilbur and Charlotte and much better behaved.
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Sean Patrick comes home!!

Nana Gloria holding Sean Patrick. She's just a little bit proud of her grandbaby. I'm just glad Sara lets us share him. He is soooo cute.

Sean sucking on moms lip.

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