Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finishing projects

Today I've been blocking finished projects. Hopefully all will be dry by Sunday when I need to pack them up to cart to Maryland. One day I will have proper blocking tools but until then a sheet, the floor and pins will have to do.

The Stormy Scarf is for Dad for Christmas.

The Philly Cowl is a Ravelry pattern. I will add buttons after it's finished drying. This is the back side (yeah go figure). Hopefully Misty will like this.

The Luna Moth Shawl is actually for me. I was afraid it wasn't going to be large enough but it really stretched when wet and it will be perfect for me. Church is always a little cool and I just love the look and feel of a shawl instead of a coat.

I've pinned a quilt that now needs quilting...this is for my littlest sister Dallas and I have procrastinated way too long on this.