Friday, December 30, 2005

The Search for the Missing Boobah's

To back up a bit, last Christmas Miss Kylie was absolutely and undeniably not fond of males...none except her daddy of course, oh and RJ and the other little cousins (the key word being little). She didn't even want any of the guys to even look at her...not even peeking!! She would pucker that little mouth up and tears would fill in her eyes and if they didn't completely go away, she would scream...She didn't want any parts of Uncle Damon either, and all of the kids love him. He used to babysit mine when they were little and they loved that he would play with them and read them stories. He's also a favorite with my brother Erik's kids too so we were all quite shocked that his charm was completely wasted on the darling little Kylie.....That was last year.

As you can now see, she has gotten over her shyness and spent the evening after all the cousins had left, entertaining Uncle Damon. They were searching for the missing boobah's (pardon me if I have spelt it wrong). Of course they weren't really missing...Kylie knew exactly where they were

...but of course Uncle Damon had no clue and searched all over (and under) the little table and surrounding area for the little boobah's...Anyone who has ever been around (or had) small children who have been up early, had no nap, had lots of stimulation from other children, soda, candy, etc. you get the picture...knows what a child is like by the end of the evening when they are not quite ready to give it up yet....they have a fit of the giggles

...not the little whispery giggle of an important secret that must be kept quiet....but the kind of giggle that ends in uproarious laughter as if one has been tickled and can't catch ones breath...the kind of laughter that is infectious and has everyone...even those who can't see what's going on...laughing too...that was how the evening ended...Uncle Damon has been redeemed and is still holding onto his title of Most Favorite Uncle....

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