Thursday, February 26, 2009

DOT = Charlotte models

I was working on some knitting and needed a model for the scarflet.

Wilbur was being a goof (surprise surprise) so it was left for Charlotte to do.

Of course she is always gracious when modeling for me since she views me as her hero, pal and food provider.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

WoW/DOT - Valentines Day - the puppies help cook

The pups and I have been busy this last week. We have 2 different cooking adventures as well as Valentines Day highlights to show you. Our first cooking adventure was making pretzel hotdogs. My daughter introduced me to Auntie Ann's pretzel dogs in Delaware when we went to the Walmart. I was having withdrawals and wanted to try and find a recipe for them to make at home. I found a recipe here but mine turned out no where near as fine as Auntie Ann's. However they were really really good and were finished off by lunchtime the next day. The pups as always were a big help in the kitchen....

And because it was Valentine's Day and because the pups had had no special treats in a while, they received their treats the day before. All different specialty cookies from the cookie bar at Petsmart and different flavored bones from the rawhide bar too. Charlotte takes them one at a time and hides them to eat later. She's so funny. Wilbur prefers to tempt Charlotte with them (or should I say tease) but that usually does not go well for him in the end. Charlotte has a perfect bite and his is well...overbite city so like I said she wins in the end when he decides to go down that road. Fortunately this time he quit while he was ahead and ate his own rawhide after all.

Spunky got a playtoy too which is hanging on my bathroom door knob and he plays with religiously. Although he's not good about playing with it when I have the camera's as if he doesn't want proof that he likes to play. He also played stalker kitty with Charlotte...he must be going through spring fever because he even goes after Wilbur sometimes, swatting at the dogs and then running. It sounds like a herd of elephants around here when they really get going.

When Saturday rolled around the guys were all gone out to camp to work moving fences or some such a thing. The pups and I made collard cheese pinwheels with homemade not so thin filo dough. They turned out well (which means Doug ate them) but I would like them better with the thinner dough. It would have helped had I made the dough up a day ahead of time (like the directions suggested) but when I get into the mood to cook I'm into instant gratification. The dough I made would have been better for pockets or turnovers and filled with the cheesy concoction was just a little bready for me in the pinwheel form.

We also made fried rice which turned out divine and a 'wing it' spicy thai shrimp and veggie sauce to go with it.

I also made a bundt cake which came out of the pan in sections *ARGH* and a homemade buttery cream cheese icing to go overtop. It still looked a little lumpy but must have been good since I only got one slice of it before it was completely devoured.

The puppies got to lick the beaters and as you can see were very enthusiastic about it too.

Hope you all had a happy Valentines Day and have a happy Dogs on Thursday!! See you next week!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

some new family pics

I swiped these pics from my daughter, Brandy's friend Tanya. They were taken New Years Eve. My baby girl is such a pretty thing isn't she!! I miss her so much up there in Delaware while I'm sitting here in the sunshine in Georgia. Although her teenage years were a bit of a struggle (aren't ALL teenage years a struggle) we have grown to be such good friends in her adult years. I look forward to my visits with her. We shop, eat, laugh, giggle and stay up all night watching chick flicks and solving the worlds problems. Gee I'm really missing her now *sniff*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

DOT - notes from the dogs

To my DOT friends from Charlotte: There she goes with that camera with its hideously bright light taking pictures again. I mean really, just how many pictures of me laying down does she really need?? Of course if my brother hadn't taken MY spot on the couch I could be snoring and drooling like he does but on this hard floor (no I don't care that there is carpet on it) who can possibly sleep I ask you???

To my DOT friends from Wilbur: I am so sorry you had to listen to all that drivel from my baby sister. She tends to go on and on and on, blah blah blah. I have worked so hard on my knitting (see evidence in bag on floor) that I simply fell asleep here where I had been working so diligently. If Charlotte would knit she could be here right now snoring and drooling too. She's just jealous because she is all thumbs, or is fingers?? Oh well Happy DOT to all my friends!! And Happy Valentine's Day too!! I hope my mom gets me something...I think she will....she loves me the most you know...cause I was first. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late Whiskers on Wednesday

Here is Spunky doing what he does best! He's so sweet when he's sleeping :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

DOT - hanging out at home

me and my boy, knitting and watching tv

whycome Wilbur gets to sleep in my spot of the couch next to mom...not fair...*sniff sniff*...poor Charlotte

Spunky hanging out

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday

This is my kitteh Spunky. He was born 8 days before my hubby Doug and I were married making his birthday August 20, 1998. He is officially an ole man kitteh. He is also a bit psychotic which started after we moved to Georgia and returned to Maryland for Christmas vacation. He stood at the top of the stairs and hissed and spit at my neighbor who was trying to feed him while I was away. He has never been the same since. He has been declawed so he hits now and is very strong. He also bites. After reading the Spotlight on Ace I feel much better about my boy. Spunky has had that 'habit' of taking our clothes and dragging them through the house whenever we would go somewhere (even if that somewhere was to the mailbox at the end of the driveway). My parents laughed when they came to visit because every time we returned from going out touristing we would come home to some article of mine (often unmentionables) laying in the hallway downstairs (my room is upstairs). Since we have gotten the puppies (they are 5 yrs old now) Spunky tends to limit his pining to the master bathroom. He also goes on kitteh vacation to the vets with the dogs when we go away and seems to do much better when we get back home. :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Blog

Since I've been doing a lot of knitting and knitting is not always of interest to quilters, I've decided to start a new knitting blog DOGQUILTERKNITS. Hopefully this will start me to doing more quilting again. I've really enjoyed working on the Lancaster Season for the quilt guild and I have quite a few projects that need finishing and a pile in the queue to be made. The family, dogs and cat will probably stay here unless they are involved in the knitting project but I'm not sure yet. Maybe they will need their own blogs too. ;)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Lancaster Season

I've finished the next installment of Lancaster Season for the quilt guild demo. The red frame border and the flying geese were added to the appliqued block. I'm really loving this quilt and the fact that I'm using only stashed fabrics is exciting!! So technically this quilt won't be 'costing' me anything...hee hee...wonder if Doug will buy that??? :)