Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dogs on Thursday Post

Charlotte winks at you!

Wilbur is doing something he never does..... NOT!! He is a ball playing fool that dog is!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing My Family

It has been forever since Christmas when I was able to be with my whole family. Fortunately my sister will send me pictures so I can keep up. By the time I finally get back north my little niece will be 3 months old. I've never seen her in person but I intend to make up for that when I finally get there!!

Misty is very creative and has decided to fight against the high cost of cards by making her own. She made her Easter cards from pictures of the girls in their flower headbands. Tory's is a little big on her. :)

Kylie and Tory went to the Governor's Mansion for Easter. Kylie has not shown any sibling rivalry as yet towards Tory but instead loves her to pieces and is very hands on with her even changing diapers (but only #1). :)

My son Timothy went to Misty's to see the new baby. I just love how she was smiling up at him!! Misty says she is a very smiley baby...I can't wait to see her!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Knit Beret

I just finished Crazy Aunt Pearl's Chunky Beret pattern this weekend. Actually I finished it twice. The first time it was too big so I took it apart and started it again with #9 & #11 needles. Everything else about the pattern stayed the same.

It's very satisfying to start and finish a project so quickly. All my other projects seem to take forevah to finish!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Our neighborhood red bellied woodpecker was at the feeder on the deck and I took these shots of him. He really is quite gorgeous and has the brightest orangy-red head to go along with the spot on his belly that is the same color. I've never been able to get a shot of him from outside so have to resort to taking it through the glass window in the kitchen. I wish he wasn't quite so wiggly - he could be an add for ADHD!! :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Bed slugs...piled up in Michael's bed. They have such a rough life don't they???

Awards Night for CTAE

Tuesday night was the Honors Banquet for Career, Technology & Agricultural Education at Greenbrier High School. We had received an invitation from Coach Casey Dees who heads up the Technology Lab (as well as coaching) that Douglas would be receiving an award from him for the work he had done this past year in his Technology class. As Coach Dees touted praises for Douglas Mr. Gregg Bunn (CTAE Administrator & Assistant Principal) gave Douglas his well earned certificate. Douglas has been making signs that are hanging all over the Evans/Martinez area. We are very proud of his accomplishments!!!

Before the awards Douglas was told to make sure he looked at the camera for me. He's such a good kid!!

Coach Dees and Douglas after the ceremony.

Monday, March 17, 2008



We survived the storm this weekend. Atlanta had a tornado that did some damage and then headed west towards us. Other than losing power for a few hours and miscellaneous limbs and dead trees coming down in the area, we survived without incident. Wilbur spent a good deal of the time (during the thunder) in my lap. He's such a sissy when it comes to storms.

Doug took time to play with Spunky this weekend too. Can't you just feel the love?!?!?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scarf progress

I've started on the Liesel scarf. I'm using Paton's Divine yarn and think it is coming out a little larger than the pattern calls for. (No I don't do a test swatch...yes I know I should).

spring is blooming and the pollen is flying

When I left this afternoon there was a fine yellow dust on the now I know why my nose has been going berzerk the last few days.

The azalea is in full bloom now...last week it was still tight buds....the pinky reds are my favorites and always the first to bloom.

Wild dogwood is just starting to bloom. It's so pretty when it's fully bloomed out and covered in white.

One of my pet peeves is putting wonderfully smelling bushes and flowers at the perimeter of the yard and leaving non smelling stuff around the windows and house. So was the planting when we bought this house. There are 2 delicious smelling sweet olive trees all the way against the backyard fence. It is so annoying but as soon as i start seeing the white flowers I go out and sniff up the perfumy fragrance. I wish they were closer to the house so the fragrance would waft inside when the windows were open.

The first sign of hostas popping up.

The camelias are still blooming and this pink one and the white one have newly opened aren't they pretty?

Another hyacinth that Jadene gave me and has tripled in its original size. This one was up against the fence and doesn't get constant sun like the other one (which is mostly bloomed out now) so I get to enjoy this one now! They are my most favorite and it's PINK!!

I was so excited to see that yellow honeysuckle plant has started opening it's buds, the red has more buds but they haven't opened at all.

Wilbur and boys old basketball...he has certainly done a number on it hasn't he??


Cats are persnickety. Dogs love when you pay attention to them and take pictures etc etc. Cats on the other hand would rather you just go away and leave them be...unless of course it's supper time or treat time or they want you to pet them.

Spunky just loves sitting in the windows when I open them to let in the fresh air. He is an indoor cat and not allowed outside. The window sill lets him pretend he's outside and not confined. I thought I would take some cute pictures of him but he had a totally different ideal....

not with the camera already......not looking at you....not listening should just go away now....

she can't possibly be speaking to me....i have NO interest....maybe she'll go away if i ignore her....

what is it already??

Saturday Sky Pics

A tornado touched down in Atlanta last night and the storms are headed toward us. The sky was blue and starting to get cloudy when I went out at lunchtime. By the time I got home at 2 it was all clouds. However it is in the mid 70's and there is a gusty breeze now (at 4pm). Weather says we will have scattered thunder storms with possible tornadoes into the evening. The first two pics are looking toward the east and last pic is looking to the west (where the storms are coming from). Should be an exciting evening ahead...guess it means I have to drag the plastic tarp and bowls out again to catch the leaky water...*argh*

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cats and Yarn Winding

I wound some yarn for my friend Margaret today. 2 skeins were Cherry Tree Hill and the smaller one a handpaint. One of the CTH ones gave me a real fit and I had to take it off the winder and start over after getting the twist out of it *argh* but here they are in all their splendor. Don't you just love Spunky's 'what's this...something for me to play with????'

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Charlotte laying in the shade of the deck.

The red honeysuckle is getting ready to bloom. I've had to put most of the vine around a trellis and keep it off the deck. Wilbur liked to chewed it to death when it was wrapped around the deck posts but instead of killing it, the sever pruning only seemed to make it bloom better.

We toured the garden just a little and found these wonderful little violets blooming. I brought them with me from Maryland when we moved to Georgia and they have flourished.

In the past we've had a possum come to the feeder at night and he travels through the gate. Wilbur is trying to see if he's on the other side of the gate.

Whatcha doin Mom, aren't we going inside yet?

Isn't Charlotte a pretty girl?

Charlotte is my 'hunter' and she thinks she's spotted something...must investigate...

Isn't Wilbur handsome?

Get the ball Wilbur. Wilbur has always loved playing with toys and balls. He's so funny, you can tell him Charlotte's going to get the ball and he will grab it and run with it. Charlotte could care less about that ball.

again with the bushes....*sigh*

tahred mom