Monday, September 05, 2005

***It's Finished!!!***

WOO HOO the room is done!!

I've finally finished the sewing room clean-up, rearranging, sorting, trashing, decorating, etc. WHEW!! Spunky the cat supervised all goings on in the sewing room and even checked out what was going into the garbage. His job was finished when the vacuum cleaner came out and hit the high road outta there! Most probably finding a spot upstairs under the bed and away from the puppies. The fan is not in the most optimal place but with as little space as there is in the room, there aren't a great deal of choices. The pile of scout shirts will be gone just as soon as Doug sews on his patches then it will be outta there too!


Anonymous said...

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SCquiltaddict said...

OMG can this be the same room??! Great job kim

BA said...

WOW - fantastic job!! come on over to Deerwood Lane
(and who is the wag suggesting that you look into laser hair removal???)