Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Still Cleaning the Sewing Room

Woo hoo! Found the top of the cutting table. All the fabrics have found a new home finally! I should have done this before the trip to MaryJo's in North Carolina with Margaret and Joyce. You couldn't have paid me to buy more fabric if I'd have known I'd be doing al this..... Tried putting containers where they had been on the table. Had to move stereo to accomodate the speaker being moved. Still not sure it will stay here but it will last for the next week till I get back from puppy sitting in Maryland.
New containers...yeah!! I especially looove the blue 'fun boxes'...says so right on the container...I did have a picture of the boxes of paraphanalia I'm taking to Maryland on the camera but it got lost wherever stuff that's downloaded goes when it doesn't go where it 's supposed to....but I will go ahead and tell you that I'm taking 3 of the big fun boxes, 1 of the smaller fun boxes and a slightly smaller carry on box...and that's just the art stuff!!! My daughter, Brandy and I are going to play clay and rubber stamp this weekend.
This is where the boxes finally ended up. I like them stacked better and it frees up the table in case I decide to use it as a table again. Okay, so more stuff has made it's way onto the cutting table...next week
I've taken a box of fabric to Gloria for Project Linus...I need to use up some of my stash and as you can tell (the dresser if full of fabric) I will have plenty to choose from.
So far this endeavor has been excrutiating!! I hate organizing stuff...I love organized stuff...just not the actual making it happen...there's always that 'stuff'...you know the stuff i mean...the things that wind up in the bottom of a box or stuffed waaaay back in a drawer, the stuff that gets shuffled from one room to another as each room is organized....well it's been put into a box to be shuffled back upstairs and dealt with later...don't give me the fly lady lecture...i'm surrounded by rotary cutters and scissors in here and i'm NOT afraid to use them!!! Oh, and as for the teeny weenie seed beads in the carpet...THEY CAN STAY THERE TOO!

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