Sunday, August 28, 2005

Project Linus

Saturday was spent at Gloria's preparing for the next Project Linus meeting in September. Sue Ellen was ripping fabric into 2" strips to make log cabin quilts that will be auctioned off to raise money for the Project Linus group. Donations go towards buying batting, labels and other supplies to make blankets for hospitalized children from birth to 17 years old.

Gloria bribed (us (just kidding) with food. Actually, she grills a mean chicken and had all sorts of fixings for salad to go with....we ripped fabric, went through donations of yarn, knitting needles and assorted fabrics to be used for blankets. Volunteers who come to the monthly meeting can pick out fabric donated and take home to make a blanket for a child who is in one of the local hospitals. Each month we take in 100+ blankets which are in turn delivered to MCG, University, Doctors Hospital as well as to local shelters in the Augusta and Aiken areas.

We also separated blankets that had been labeled from ones that will be labeled at the next meeting. There is a great deal of satisfaction in making blankets for children and being a part of this organization has rewarded me with many new friends also.

After we were through with the Linus stuff, my hubby Doug and son Michael came over and put up a pen for Gloria's two little hoodlums a.k.a. Gracie and Bopper. Gracie is my Wilbur's little niece (Vegas/BoogieMan pup) and Bopper is a stray that Gloria recently acquired. She is now learning (as I did last summer) that potty training two puppies is not easier than training one. I have a feeling the little monsters will spend a bit of time in the, they may just get a clue and get this potty thing figured out real quick...I do not envy what she's going through and am glad it's been awhile since we've had any accidents at my house!!

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