Monday, August 29, 2005

General Ramblings

I've added some more links to my page...these are links that I have found to be very inspirational and most are from art-e-zine website...also included are a couple of fiber sites that I have been pleased to order from...I'll add more later but wanted to let you know about these for now...

I don't have any pictures to upload because I haven't finished the sewing room clean-up yet. I had errands to know that stuff that your family expects to have done and thinks the magic fairy instantly does for you...oops I forgot...I'm a mom so I MUST be the magic fairy...unfortunately no one seems to understand that the magic fairy has to schedule to get these little miracles done...they don't just happen...

Had to have a nail pulled out of my tire and plugged biggy just inconvenient...however I also had to take the sons laundry to be cleaned and and asked that they be sure to put the military creases in his shirt...I supposed this is a very big deal because said son and husband had a major meltdown when I brought the clothes home last time and there were no creases in it...NO I do not husband was the marine and he irons...I do not iron well enough to be given the job...waaaah...NOT!!!

Oh well, I have procrastinated the better part of the day so I really should get to work in the sewing room ...oooh I forgot, I have the quilt guild newsletter to get out....there's laundry in the dryer and washer and a pile still in the floor...should be able to put this project off for awhile longer yet...ahhh my favorite day...Tomorrow!!!

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