Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Saturday After Christmas

Damon and Tim came up from Charlotte the day after Christmas while Doug and I were at his sister Donna's. When I got up on Saturday morning this is what my mom was doing for my brother for breakfast:

Of course Damon and I give each other a hard time about who is the favorite child and of course having a blog I will make the most of publishing it so others know too. Actually my mom cooks for everyone when we come up to visit. It's really nice too. Oh and she provides orange juice :)

Eric and Misty were still getting things from Mom and Dad's to take back to their house. Eric brought the girls with him and baby girl Tory was getting really sleepy by the time they headed back home for her nap. She is so adorable with her hair up in an I Dream of Jeannie ponytail.

Mom and Daddy looking at the album Tim put together of their trip to Alaska this summer. The amount of time that he put in that must have been incredible. He even collected little hoohahs to go along with the pics. Great job Tim!!

Tim and Damon

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