Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day After Christmas at Donna's

It works out that our Christmas get togethers with my inlaws takes place the day after Christmas. Donna and Tim both work and yet she still finds the time to prepare a wonderful meal for all of us each year. This year Noah helped with the cookies and I wish I had a pic of him. Donna took several so there is proof :). He did a great job too!! Andrew's girlfriend (I wish I could remember her name) celebrated with us too. She's very quiet and quite cute too.

Noah got a pair of helicopters that he was flying (and trying to teach others to fly) in the living room entry way where Donna has high vaulted ceilings. No need to tell you that Noah was the only one with control so it was NOT safe to try to take a pic from the room!!

Walter was home from college and joined us. Walter & Mei.

Doug, Joey, Donna & Noah

Kate got a new camera (I believe she confiscated her boyfriends :)) and Noah taking a break from flying

Dad & Mei

The herd of us:Joey, Douglas, Michael, Doug, Kate & me

Noah, Tim, Donna, Andrew & girlfriend (I really stink at remembering names)

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