Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Maybe I should just change the blog name from dogquilter to procrastinator?! I've been home since the 31st, downloaded the pics to the puter and even edited some of them...but have they made it to my blog???? uh NOOOOO. I have been quite busy though. Since a large portion of my wardrobe went to Maryland/Delaware with me over the holidays I decided now was the perfect time to reorg my closet. Am I stoopid or what??? I'm tired from the holidays but there are now 3 stacks of clothes on my bed. Have I mentioned that I'm tired? I've done some shifting in the closet and rearranging and purging through clothes. This is not an especially fun job and the only upside is that I let myself get on the computer in between work stages and take quizzes, check up on blogs I follow and sit on my butt. Oh and I am doing some knitting too. I'm working on a pair of Negative Bricks socks from Sock Bug (one is finished Yay) and Ruffled Neckwarmer in the evenings while I'm watching the boob tube. :)

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jan said...

I had a great system for cleaning out my closet a few years ago. I had a friend and she would get rid of things in my closet that I didn't need and I would do the same for her.
Unfortunately she moved to France and it is a little hard to do it long distance, but it is a great and fast way to clean closets.