Monday, January 12, 2009

Misty's House

After 6 long months of living with my parents, my sister Misty and her family, hubby Eric and girls Kylie & Tory moved into their newly renovated home December 23rd 2008.

Their home originally was a single story ranch home but now sports an upstairs the entire length of the original more than doubling the daily living space. I wished I could find a pic of the original home but for the life of me could not in the plethora of pics that I have acquired over the years...go figure.

After showing Kylie how Vanna White does it, she proceeded to give me the first class tour of her new home. She was so excited as you can see. I have mentioned before how much I adore this child haven't I????

The downstairs was completely opened up to to make the kitchen and living room one area. The former playroom and Kylies bedroom were opened up to make room for the steps to the upstairs.

Vanna aka Kylie started the tour with the purple playroom which formerly was her bedroom.

The old master bedroom will become a guest room.

Upstairs we started with Kylie and Tory's bathroom which is decorated in girly girl with none else than shoes!! I want this bathroom!!

Also a pic of Kylie in her tub (she's such a silly girl) and the window that overlooks the front of the house.

Down the hall is Kylie's room in yellow with pink circles which my sister did for her.

Tory's room is a divine lime green and she has the jungle painted furniture Misty did for Kylie. The little lump in the middle of the bed is Tory :)

Another guest room is upstairs next to the girls rooms.

The bonus room over the garage is going to be used as a craft room which I have no doubt will be well used.

Misty & Eric's room at the opposite end of the house is a really cool gold color and will go wonderfully with the renaisance them Misty has going on in there.

She once again has a room as a closet. When she was little she had the huge closet that she put her playhouse in and still had room for friends to play too.

I love the tile she used in the master bathroom and the vanity is divine!!

I'm sure they will love their new home and now when family (his is from Massachusetts) comes they can stay with them and enjoy the stew out of the darling girls.

Didn't Kylie do a wonderful job as Vanna? Of course she's much cuter than Vanna...

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