Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Day at Mom & Dad's

Christmas Eve was the first night my sister and her entire family spent at their newly renovated home but they were at Mom & Dad's bright and early (10ish?). There are plenty of pictures of Tory and her first Christmas along with big sister Kylie (who just turned 6!!!) and daddy Eric & mommy Misty.

Sometimes Auntie Kim gets a little scared when the little ones are carrying the baby

Isn't this the most precious little face?!?!?! And have I mentioned that I get to go back to Md in a couple of weeks to be godmother to the little sweetie too - YAY for me!!

Auntie Kim (yes I'm in my pj bottoms which my nephew Louis pointed out when and his family showed up), Tory & Kylie in her fabulous sunglasses and Hannah Montana shirt (a movie star in the making???)

Kylie (not sure what happened to the hair there) and momma Misty

Uncle George & Tory

Misty said that Tory's favorite present at home was her bath poof...well now she's thrilled with the tissue stuffing...we could have all gotten off cheaply with this little one this year if only we'd known

Tory cheezing with her new riding toy

yeah she really does like that toy

3 generations of Houghton men: daddy, nephew Joseph/Joe, and brother Erik (not to be confused with brother-in-law Eric)

more chaos and mahem and small people carrying the baby again *argh*

The Houghton Clan without George who was manning the cameras and Tory who was napping:
back row: Doug, me, daddy, Joe, Mom & Holly
middle row: Eric, Misty, Erik, Louis
front row: Kylie, Jennifer, Melissa & James

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