Monday, May 12, 2008

Garden Pics

Here are pics of the front flower beds after the cleanup and BEFORE the roof repair and wind storm that blew through here this weekend.

The brick raised garden is starting to crack due to the River Birches and their huge roots which are now growing atop the yard also. I'm not sure why anyone would put trees in a raised bed in the first place but what do I know since they were here when we bought the place. I cut the azaleas back in the correct time after blooming so hopefully there will be a good showing next spring of the blossoms. the last couple of years I've trimmed them late and they didn't have near the bloom they should have done. Maybe I'll fertilize this year too, that could make a difference :)

The BottleBrush plant made a pretty spectacular showing this year. I love the pops of red in the garden.

The False Indigo was beautiful this year and had multiple flower spikes and was looking beautiful (the roof job decimated the poor thing and I was most displeased when I saw what they had done).

I do believe this WILL be the year that I cut down the boxwood bushes. Not dig out mind you but just cut to the ground. That way if they decide to live they will be much smaller and work with the flower bed and if they don't, oh well *sniff sniff* (NOT). You ask 'if you dislike them so much why haven't you dug them out before now?' well, my hubby likes them so there ya go.

One of the amaryllis bulbs that Jadene gave me for Christmas has bloomed in the garden this year!!! What a delightful surprise and the first ever to give a flower in the yard!!

The front beds get so much sun during the day so whatever is planted needs to be heat tolerant and drought resistant. The succulents are always a good choice and I love the yellow leaves and flowers on this one.

I adore the hot pink knock out roses but the thorns are horribly wicked.

Flowering Maple and closeup

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SCquiltaddict said...

so have you killed the boxwoods yet! pretty pics!