Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dogs on Thursday Garden

This pic somehow got deleted on the post I had done before going on vacation of Wilbur & Charlotte sleeping together. Aren't they just precious?

The puppies helped me with some yardwork. Ok, maybe helped is a bit over enthusiastic but at least they hung out and kept me company while I was doing the yardwork.

We weeded out and cut and trimmed Azalea bushes, poison ivy vines, mystery vines, etc. These are before pics, Charlotte slipped her head out of her collar (which was attached to her leash, which was attached to Wilbur's leash, which was attached to Wilbur's head) and they started running the streets.

One CANNOT have American Pit Bull Terriers running loose through one's neighborhood so they were put inside and I didn't get after pics of the gardens...bummer.

Look what was hidden behind the Lantana in the front flower bed

and a closeup

this little anole came out after the puppies went back inside.

Charlotte's taking a break and getting a little sunshine.

I can't remember the name of this bush which was quite small when I planted it and has apparently been sneaking growth pills while I wasn't looking. It gets orange berries in the fall and has thorns which are quite annoying. I'm going to have to find a trellis quickly before it takes over any more of the garden space with it's sprawling.

and a close up

This is one of the white iris that my brother, Damon sent me a few years back from his garden in Charlotte, NC. I wish you could smell the intoxicatingly wonderful scent these iris produce. I cut a few of them and the blue iris to put in a vase in my bathroom.

Looking down from the deck into the small plant area that was cleaned out of the wild berry bushes. The light pink knock out rose was hidden beneath the rubbish. The mock orange had even started to bloom and is full of buds.

The area is cleared now so hopefully the Abelia (left with the tree stalks coming out of the tiny bush beneath) will get enough sun to grow itself up straight since the Wigelia (on the right) got whacked back down to bush height.

after we were through we had a couple of nice big piles of plant garbage to be burned

Charlotte was inquisitive "whatcha doin mom?"

Wilbur played some ball

and played more ball

and after a busy day Wilbur says "I's sooooo tahred mom"......sweet dreams puppy boy.


Nichole said...

What a load of GREAT pics! I esp love the one of them sleeping.

I'd love to find turtles & gekos in our yard... so pretty! Not like icky spiders & snakes... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sophie won't be the dog to finally bring a snake present to Mommy... she LOVES to chase and attempt to catch ANYTHING (frogs, squirrels, birds, flies, moths, bees...)...

Cindy said...

Your garden is lovely. The pups are so good and Charlotte is still so photogenic. Wilbur is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

How cute! Great pictures. I can't believe what you found in your garden.

Pooch said...

Your yard is beautiful! Wilbur and Charlotte appear to appreciate your work even if they aren't contibuting to the effort!


danielle said...

I love it when my kids help me garden! And I'd be thrilled to find a turtle or a froggy or a lizard in our yard, but, alas, we're probably a little too urban and far north and not damp enough and whatever else it is that's keeping them from showing up. :-)

Dianne said...

Great pictures. Wilbur and Charlotte are such good helpers in the garden!

Mindy said...

It looks like everybody had a good time outside. I love the "what'cha doin mom?" photo and also the last one of sleepy puppy.

I wanted to touch base with you about the charm. Do you have your own ebay account? If you do, I will give you the seller's info and I will email her the photo she used to make mine.

If you don't have one, we'll figure something out.

Susan said...

I love all the photos, but the thing that really got me in this post was the (imagined) image of the two dogs taking off together. I've had that happen to me before, too, and though it would make a great photo, you can't delay the corraling of the dogs to take a photo. Have a wonderful weekend in your lovely garden!

Firefly Nights said...

Loved the sleeping photo.

Looks like you did a LOT of yardwork. Too bad your guys couldn't be helpers instead of just doggie supervisors. Must be one of those things where paws just can't operate gardening equipment.

Anonymous said...

I just love it when the dogs come "help" me outside too. Makes the time pass quicker in the hot sun.

Your garden will be gorgeous this summer.