Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today was the Class of 2008 graduation at Greenbrier High School held at the James Brown Arena in Augusta at 9:00am.

Here is Douglas getting his gown and cap on and he and Michael posing before going into the arena.

My camera (I've tried all the different setting available) makes a sorry statement for up close and personal photos when in an indoor setting. I was really disappointed but here is what was passable.

Ryane was one of the last to go up for her diploma being at the end of the alphabet and all.

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SCquiltaddict said...

thats the balance thing i wuz talking about..mine did the same thing at graduation...VERY annoying...not sure why but the lady at wolfe said it was a problem with the kodak...and would probably be the same with any kodak...balance goes quickly on them...not good