Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Room Floor

After years of kids and dogs and cat messes, spills and accidents, we finally ripped out the beige carpet in the family room.

Thankfully the boys and Doug were the handlers of the rug uninstallation and general grunt work.

We then proceeded to vinegar the floor to neutralize the animal stains and odors. It was followed by 2 coats of BIN Primer and then 2 coats of floor paint in brown and 4 coats of floor wax.

I'm still in the process of putting the knick knacks and such in the room. Hopefully in the future when we knock out the wall between this room and the front sitting room to make a larger family room we will redo the floor in either wood or ceramic but the paint will do for now.


Gnat said...

Looks great and with dogs a nice clean surface is HARD to come by. :)

I don't want to show you pictures of our carpet in the living room. :(

SCquiltaddict said...

WOW the floors look great GOTTA come and see them...will call so you can put the herd up first:>

Alison Boon said...

Looks fabulous

Dianne said...

The floor looks great! I'm gradually (over many, many years, now) replacing all the carpet in the house with tile or Pergo-type flooring. Carpet+Dogs=Trouble!