Monday, August 11, 2008

Miscellaneous other pics from Asheville

On Wednesday we went to Highlands. The flowers are so pretty now in the mountains. Not at all like here in Georgia where everything is pretty well burned to a crisp.

We shopped in the Shakespeare book shop, browsed in the Mill Creek art gallery and of course bought yarn in the Why Knot shop.

Then we drove down the road to the Cut n Patch Quilt Shop which is inside her home.

her wildflower garden

isn't the sky just gorgeous? No smog, just clear blue and the whitest puffiest clouds...if it wasn't so far from town I would move there in a heartbeat.

Okay I'm not one for bragging or blogging super markets but this one was really cool. Aside from the cool name, it had a neat garden nursery at the entrance and tables set outside. It also had various grocery items that you find in health stores and was just a cute and interesting place to check out.

We went to supper in Cashiers after our day at the Asheville Quilt Show. Ille, Joyce & Rachel:

Connie, Margaret & Judy:

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