Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hoochy Mama Quilts & other projects

Joyce had her projects to work on, finishing baby blankets for a nephew and quilting a wholecloth quilt for her daughter's upcoming wedding in August.

Ille works on her Lollipop appliqué quilt that she and Judy started at Hickory Knob.

While we were at the mountain house, Ille, Judy, Margaret and I started on Mary Lou Weidman's Hoochy Mama quilt. I'm always talking about hoochy mama's and Ille gave me Mary Lou's book for my birthday. It seemed like a fun project for our mountain vacation.

Ille's hoochy mama's, I just love her sherberty colors:

Some of Margaret's hoochy mama blocks, the black really makes the colors pop:

These are the blocks I worked on. I've decided to take the large log cabin and make it the center of my quilt. The smaller blocks will go around it. I'm going to combine the hoochy mama and Diane Hires playtime techniques in my quilt. It will probably wind up downstairs in the sitting room/guest room since the colors match so well. This hopefully will help use up some of my stash with little buying on my part. I'm trying to use black since it seems so effective in quilts I've seen. It's a real stretch for me though so we will see how it turns out. :)

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Firefly Nights said...

Looks like you're well on your way to a beautiful quilt.