Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nostalgic Visit Through Annapolis

As I was sitting at the stoplight on Rowe Blvd. on my way to Cottonseed Glory in West Annapolis I took this picture of the school I went to in the First Grade. It is St. Paul's Lutheran Church and I'm assuming still has a school there. The nun I had back in 19XX was so mean that by the end of my first year of school I decided I had learned enough that I no longer needed formal education. The nuns spanked. Not that I had ever been spanked but they put the fear in a child who at the time only needed to be looked at funny to turn into a puddle of tears. No need for physical violence at all and yet the threat lingered each day as friends of mine had a paddle taken to their backsides. UGH!! Not that I think corporal punishment is a bad thing and there are a few children out there that I have seen that might be improved if someone had taken a hand to their backside in their formative years. However, my parents saw the light and placed me in public school for the second grade, seeing as how they knew that I needed to know how to multiply, divide and write in cursive to succeed in this

The 2nd pic is right next door to the church and is a picture of the Naval Academy Stadium where many an Army/Navy game has been played along with all of the other games, etc.

After my visit to the quilt shop I headed over to Parole to see my friend Jadene at the florist. This is the new Anne Arundel General Hospital off of Jennifer Road. The original (where my mother, myself, siblings, and my own 3 kids were born) is downtown Annapolis. This new structure and its other buildings have been where my nephews and nieces were all born.

Back when I was a kid (just a few years ago-don't I wish) the place to shop was at Parole. The shopping center at the time housed Brilliant Optical, Britts, Woodward & Lothrop, Sears, a pet shop, shoe store and a couple other places whose names escape me (probably because I never went in there) at the present. It was a one story outdoor shopping center where everyone shopped and I remember Mom & I and sometimes Nanny (my mom's mother) going there to shop. Pop-pop when he drove us (when I was really little) usually sat out in the car (bless his sweet heart) unless he was looking for tools at the Sears. It has had shops come and go especially since the Annapolis Mall was put in so many years ago and most places that stayed in business moved out there. Recently all the land has been bought up and a new condo skyrise has taken the place of the outdoor mall that housed Santa's house each Christmas season. It's sad to see things go especially when there was a time you thought things would always be the same no matter what....

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Firefly Nights said...

I have relatives in the Annapolis area. Did you know any Rileys there?