Thursday, July 10, 2008

DOT - Wilbur & Charlotte's Cousins

I spent last week back in Maryland with my sister and daughter and their families. While I was there I took pics of the four legged family members too....The first 2 shots were taken back in May of 2003 (I think) of Vegas (my sister's Doberman) and of Wilbur...they were so much smaller then!! Vegas was the dominant one back then I wonder what it would be like now??

Vegas is well behaved and not at all the aggressive 'maneater' that made headlines a couple decades ago. Misty has trained her well and she is so tall and pretty too. She is easy to walk which is so much better than being dragged along.

The rest of the post is about the kitties in the family...Misty has a Hemingway Cat named Cooper...He is also the funniest kitty and loves to play chase through the house (Wilbur & Char would love to have him as a sibling). He has the extra thumb and goes around opening doors (we battled over his coming in and out of the bathroom constantly since the door doesn't shut completely) whenever they are shut...ack!! He also has a very very funny shape...a tiny tail and head which has enormous eyes and then a big fat body that doesn't match the head and tail at all!! I took several pics of him and they just don't manage to convey the mismatching of this poor boy at can however see his thumbs....

Brandy just got her a new kitten named Nacho. Brandy thinks she's a girl but Misty and I both think she's a I suppose only time will tell....either way, Nacho is a cutie bug!! Misty is a big yard saler and she bought this baby play gym for Kylie when she was a baby. She spent a whopping $3 for it and it has entertained Kylie, Vegas, Tory and now Nacho. Brandy said she was going to have to see if she couldn't find one too!! Kittens have a pretty much unending source of energy but when they finally do, they are completely give Nacho sleeps in my appliqué basket.

The last kitty is my friend Jadene's shop kitty, Chloe. She is very friendly and sweet and reminds me of my white kitty Trixie (except for the friendly and sweet part) who I had in junior high. She sleeps in this basket on top of Jadene's desk at the flower shop.

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Kenyetta said...

Everyone seems to be having so much fun playing!

Madame Purl said...

What sweet faces! That little Nacho is the reason I will always have cats. I would've scooped him up too.

dogyarnfun said...

What a great kitty toy idea. Everyone looks to be having a great time.