Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deeper Still Conference in Atlanta

A few weeks ago (the weekend I left for my family visit to Maryland) some of the ladies from Grace Baptist Church in Evans (about 25 of us) went to Atlanta for the Deeper Still Conference featuring Kay Arthur (who I have been dying to see in person), Beth Moore (who I have seen several times before but is as terrific as ever) and Priscilla Shirer (Tony Evans' daughter), music by Travis Cottrell and his band and Mandisa (who was on American Idol).

These pics aren't fabulous as they were taken with my phone camera. The arena in these pics wasn't full but by the start of the conference Friday night the upper rows were full of people too. There were 19,000 people at the conference!!!! Traffic was crazy so I'm really glad we carpooled in addition to the bus. There were 5 vehicles of us including the bus.

Some of the girls in the pics are Debbie, Jayne, Leila (who keeps her head turned so no one really knows what she looks like in pics), Shelley, Marshea, Kristine, Allison, Laura, Nona, Karla, Melissa.

The conference was wonderful!! Priscilla was the youngest in the group and I've never heard her speak before. She was funny and is such a wonderful woman of God and was pregnant on top of it all!! I've never done one of her studies before but would love to in the future and she has several books out too. I've heard her father before and she is following in his footsteps quite well.

Kay Arthur is probably my favorite teacher. She focuses on the word and adds little to no personal opinion in interpretation. I've done several of her Precept Upon Precept studies and was so excited to hear she would be with Beth & Priscilla. I'm looking forward to one day taking her PUP Leadership course.

Beth Moore was the first ladies bible study I did when I came to Georgia. I have enjoyed her studies & lectures and conferences for years now. She never fails to uplift, challenge, and make you laugh all while helping to lead you closer on your journey with God.

Travis Cottrell and his worship band are always full of energy and good song. Mandissa was a great addition and was in Travis' band at several of the previous Beth Moore conferences I'd been too before her jaunt on the American Idol show. She has a phenomenal voice and is a lovely godly woman.

It rained a deluge while were in the arena on Saturday but the sky had dried by the time we headed to the cars when it was over. We were all excited, tired and inspired on the ride home. It's always fun to have girl discussions on the way home too and we chattered, laughed and continued to have a good time until we pulled into the parking lot at church, unloaded our luggage and headed for home. The next day was Sunday and I then headed to Maryland for my vacation with my sister, daughter and their families. The conference was a wonderful beginning to a wonderful vacation and gave me plenty to think about on the 10 hour trip to Maryland.

Road trip home...Leila is behind the wheel...Laura, Babs & her friend, Chris, Tricia, Nona, Allison & Lisa.


ponyknit said...

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Lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

I received an email that gave information from the conference regarding a word of prophecy that Kay felt the Lord was giving her to pass on. The prophecy delt with a severe famine in the US. I did not attend the conference but would like to get confirmation from someone who went confirming or denying this email. Please send me an email at if you can let me know. Thanks. Darlene

Anonymous said...

I also received an e-mail about a famine coming to America. Did Kay Arthur mention that at all. If it is true that God's judgement is coming soon, I would like to prepare my family. Please respond to
May God lead you and guide you.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the Kay Arthur proclamation of a famine...check out the following link: