Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dogs On Thursday

I was gone for just over a week to visit family and when I got back the puppies were thrilled to see me! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you are greeted at the door in a throng of yips, kisses and puppy hugs? Charlotte stuck to me like glue and is only just now starting to let me leave the room without her aide. She was so funny.

My sister mentioned one Christmas that the light on my camera is incredibly a result of that, Charlotte often refuses to look at the camera when I'm taking her picture. How am I supposed to focus when she won't look...argh????

Wilbur says 'I'm sitting here just like you said momma...can I have a cookie now???'

Charlotte just won't sit still when I'm taking her picture...argh

Charlotte give the kitty kisses...oh, did I forget to say the kitty HATES when Charlotte gives him kisses....

My friend Margaret's pit bull grandbaby Livia & me . Doesn't she remind you of Charlotte???


Nichole said...

Such cuties!! :) Our dogs aren't always fans of the flash either.

LOL about Tut being handsomer than Gene -- and Tut hasn't even had a facelift, ha ha

Channon said...

Charlotte does NOT look amused in that first photo, but she's beautiful... Wonder if that flash did do her in?!

Kathy R said...

It's great to come home from a trip and find out the pets really missed you!

Your kitty definitely doesn't look happy to be kissed.

Milly said...

Oh those babies are cute. I think Charlotte has a twin.