Monday, July 21, 2008

Driving Pics from Annapolis to the Eastern Shore

I took more traveling pics by clicking and pointing. Don't worry, I was NOT sticking my eye up and ignoring my driving at all. Also there is some pic glare and shadowing from the inside of the truck.

Heading out of Annapolis after my lunch with Jadene, I drove over the New Severn River Bridge which connects Annapolis to Severna Park and Cape St. Claire and was the shorter way to Baltimore before 97 was put in. The bridge in the distance was the Old Severn River bridge and was a draw bridge. They built a new bridge (imagine the jokes about the New New Severn River Bridge that went around and whether the New bridge would become the Old New Severn River Bridge...etc.) and named it the Naval Academy Bridge which eliminated all sorts of confusion (and fun depending on if you were a native or not).

I had to take a pic of the Cape St. Claire exit where I was raised from 1st grade on. I lost the community in the divorce settlement but we won't dwell on that. :) I was also amused by the motorcycles with their matching trailers!! Just hope my dad doesn't see them or he may try getting mom on the back of that motorcycle of his and touring around on it!!!!

The toll booths ahead!! The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (technically now called the Wm Preston Lane Jr. Memorial bay bridge) is just over 4 miles long each way. The east bound strand is a two lane highway while the west bound is three lanes. The east bound is the original bridge. The bridge site has all sorts of info and even video cams which are cool to watch too.

Getting onto the bridge

It's really cool to see the sea gulls flying. They do occasionally fall victim to the big trucks that go by unfortunately.

Heading up the bridge. You can get a good look at the west bound bridge too.

My travel companion, a gift from my friend Pamela.

A shot of the West bound span which is higher than the east bound span I was on.

Kent Island is in the distance

My daddy's daddy worked on the original span of the bay bridge and daddy remembers walking on it as a young boy...pretty scary as a kid especially since it wasn't finished.

The sky was pretty hazy. The weather while I was there was hot, steamy and had off and on showers especially over the weekend.

You can see Hemingways and the airport from the bridge as well as the houses on the water on Kent Island.

This retaining pond as you drive off the bridge is usually full of ducks and swans among other flying critters.

Mines the 1st exit after you get off the Bay Bridge. You cannot know how much of a thrill it is to get over the bridge especially after driving from Georgia. The Bay Bridge is such a thrill after the almost 10 hours of being in the car.

Heading up the ramp onto Rt 8 and taking a right

Bay Bridge Airport next to Hemingways on the right as you turn down Rt 8. I love to fly and wish I could more frequently than I do. I love watching the planes fly and take off and land too and I'm especially fond of the smaller planes as opposed to the large 747 and larger.

Scenery on the left side of Rt 8 heading toward Romancoke.

They've added another school on Rt 8 and I think it's a middle school & elementary school but I don't remember for sure.

Sign showing the Batts Neck turnoff on Rt 8

Corn in the Tavakoli Farm field

Final destination - Mom & Daddy's house

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