Thursday, February 07, 2008

moving the sewing room

I am going to be moving the sewing room from the smaller room downstairs to the larger room upstairs. First though is the painting of the room. It started out yellow which is very bright and very in need of repainting. I've got the first coat of primer on the walls, moldings and trim. The wall with the bookshelves is going to stay yellow (I'm not a total masochist). The pile of stuff in the middle of the floor is stuff that either stays in the room or will need to find a new place to go....this is so not fun. It will be nice to have a larger room again and I'm getting new lighting for the fan so I can see in there better.

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katomliz said...

Godo luck with the moving. I do not envy you. You dogs are cuties and I love their names . One of my favorite books!