Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As of noon today this is what all I had accomplished in the new sewing room (formerly know as the yellow room). Douglas helped carrying the really heavy stuff upstairs for me (he's a good kid).

Most of the already organized containers are now on the 2 bigger shelving units. **Note to self: rearranging shelves is a pain and should be avoided whenever possible.**

This shelf was going to only hold the altered art stuff but it will probably have to include some fabric too. I'm planning to put all yarn in the dresser (before only the drawers held yarn and the door section had shelves full of flannel) and use the shelves for overflow. I've found 2 more 3-drawer containers that had office stuff and my seasonal collectibles in them that I will use for the flannel material that was in the dresser.

Books have been removed and taken downstairs to make room for my quilting and art books.

Wilbur is keeping an eye on the progress...he makes a great supervisor...he'll even look the other way if you are goofing off and it will only cost you a cookie... :>

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