Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

I thought I would introduce you to Wilbur. He is an American Pit Bull Terrier that my son, Jason and his wife, Kari bred. He was the runt and was born with an overbite and an incredible personality.

As soon as I knew he was coming to be my little baby, I made him his own quilt. He was 5 1/2 weeks old in March of 2004 when he finally came to live with me.

Because of his overbite he had a tough time eating and would stand with his front feet in the bowl and dive nose first into the food. Doug thought he sounded like a pig and named him "Wilbur" and the name stuck.

One of the funniest stories was when Kari and Jason came back to visit us a few weeks after Wilbur's arrival and brought Wilbur's siblings with them. He was such a mess and so fearful they were going to stay here...Wilbur liked being the only child and not having to worry over his food bowl!

Wilbur loves toys. When he was little he never tore his stuffed animals up but would carry them around and make them squeak (squeaky ones were his very favorite). He was always gentle with them and took care of them (this changed when his sister came along and started eating them).

Wilbur is a bit prissy; when he was little he so disliked getting rained on that I would go outside with an umbrella and he would stand under it with me. He still can't stand to have wet feet and takes turns stepping and shaking off his paws.

Wilbur is a junkfood junkie and has a serious 'sugar jones'...I declare he needs a 12 step group for it. It's all Doug's fault; when he was tee tiny, Doug introduced him to caramel corn. He (Wilbur not Doug) was still getting up in the middle of the night to potty and when we came back in he layed his head on top of the canister of caramel corn in the floor...'Oh NO,' i said, 'we are not starting this in the middle of the night!' and put him back on his pillow to go to bed. He loves birthdays whether they are his or someone elses...let there be cake and ice cream!!

Wilbur believes everyone he sees wants to pet his head...really. He likes 'dressing up' and thinks he's hot stuff in any one of his outfits. On his birthday we will go to Petco and he will pick out a's usually a ball of some sort. He is a typical boy and enjoys playing in the mud and digging in the dirt but hates when he has to get hosed off...of course he does like the bathtub and taking a bath in the warm water...prima donna that he is.


lora said...

Wow. Wilber seems like a perfect family dog. And the post is excellent. I'm glad I found you on DOT.

Cindy said...

Wilbur is NOT a prima donna. He expects the special treatment he gets because he deserves it:)

Nichole said...

Wilbur is adorable... I LOVE HIM! Give him some loving from us. Our latest girl Sophie has the overbite going on too... and my Zeus is the primadonna when it comes to rain as well! Love all the pics! He's a beauty.

dogquilter said...

Wilbur wholeheartedly agrees with you and your assessments of his persona :>

Pooch said...

Wilbur is an adventurous doggie! Especially like the pic of him with the red ball cap! His eating habits exactly match the way adult Boxers eat!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us get acquainted with Wilbur. I especially love the photo of him in the bandanna. He looks great.

gaylen said...

Love the pictures and the story. Our Dudley hates to get his feet wet, in fact he can go out in the pouring rain to take care of business and come in dry. I don't get it. Maybe he can teach Wilbur some lessons? g