Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what does orange juice have to do with anything?

So what does orange juice have to do with anything? Well since you asked, I will tell you that orange juice has EVERYTHING to do with the family pecking order (in otherwords... who's the most favorite).

The weekend before going to family Christmas in Maryland, I went to hang out with brother Damon and Tim in Charlotte, NC where we got into the conversation of 'Who is Mom's Favorite'...(don't roll your eyes, you know your family does it too) went something like this:

me: well everyone knows Damon is the most favorite because mom always has orange juice for him

damon: (acting all innocent) she didn't have orange juice the last time i was there

me: oh really, (said sarcastically) well, she had orange juice for me the last time i was there...(snicker snicker)

damon: (rolls eyes)

tim: (snickers and laughs)

me: (in most indignant fashion) well you must be the most favorite because mom ALWAYS fixes you french toast for breakfast!!

damon: but you don't eat breakfast.......

tim: (rolling in floor laughing now)....

After all that, Damon and mom talk (and by the way Damon, Mom talks to you more than she talks to me too...SO THERE, YOU ARE THE MOST FAVORITE!!). And he proceeds to tell her the above mentioned story whereby she (who is getting most feisty in recent years) proceeds to get up out of bed and magic marker the above on the orange juice container.

So......this is what I get when I finally roll into the house at 10:30pm and look for something to drink. Do not think I was gracious and saved any orange juice for Damon (the smarty pants). It was a full gallon and it had my name on it so I drank it...or at least most of it. And now we have in writing and for posterity so that all the world may know that I am the most least on that day I was. I will probably have to keep the photo as a reminder to Mom who is her most favorite.
PS Damon did not get french toast either. :)

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