Friday, January 04, 2008

Mom's Christmas Present from Daddy

Every so many years Daddy 'surprises' Mom with a Christmas car. This was the year. He searches and finds the perfect car, price, etc etc. I do believe he thrives on these challenges and he came home with a Toyota Prius.

The drawback (to those technologically impaired) is this is not your ordinary car, it has push buttons, you don't need to use the key and to back up there is a little screen you watch, facing forward while you are traveling backward (I'm sure i would take out anything and everything in my path).

She has yet to drive it but has ridden in it several times. Good luck with the driving lessons Daddy, I do believe you will need it.....

PS remind me to tell you the story of our trip to brother Erik's in which Damon, Mom and myself rode in the wasn't particularly pretty but it was funny......

SIDE NOTE: Mom and Dad took the car on a trip south and the car got 47.1 miles to the gallon.

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