Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dogs On Thursday


For starters here is the gratuitous sexy kitty pose by Spunky, Wilbur & Charlotte's older sibling. I'm sure everyone has a kitty that belongs on their desk and in the way of the computer...I know Crazy Aunt Pearl does so why shouldn't I???

Charlotte graciously complied to being my scarf model for the Diagonal Scarf I finished using Lane Cervinia Bernina yarn in colorway 11. Isn't she just the cutest???

And lastly here's a video of the pups being the pups. The quality leaves a lot to be desired but I suppose I will have to work on that:


Vivian said...

That's a nice color on Charlotte :-)

I like your pups' names. Charlotte's Web was one of my favorite books as a girl.

Channon said...

Mugsy always served as the cat in front of the computer. He and Sissy both find the computer as something that takes my focus off of where it should be, and will literally try to get between us!

Marjie said...

Charlotte is a pretty girl, and she knows it, doesn't she? It's nice that Wilbur has Charlotte to romp with if he's in the mood!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures :>)