Tuesday, October 25, 2005

PHQ Quilt Show

The Waffle House Challenge. Some of our members meet at the Waffle House after our monthly guild meeting and decided to make mini quilts to celebrate the occasion. The District Manager of Waffle House chose Linda Jo Yehle's 'Sue Loves the Waffle House Too!' as the winner. All participants received a 50 year Commemorative Coffee Mug and Pins.

Rachael Thomas' 'Moon Over Waffle House', Connie Burleson's 'Meet Me at the Waffle House', Carolyn Breland's 'Waffle House Challenge', Melinda Hollis' 'Order Up', and Kay Lawrence's 'Good Friends, Good Coffee'.

Sonnie McDaniel's 'For the Love of Music' and Margaret Hunt's 'My Finished Applique'.

Susan Edmonson's Workshop resulted in these four wallhangings (plus several others that didn't make it to the show). Kay Lawrences' 'With Great Love', Rachael Thomas' 'Grow Old Along With Me', Marie Atkinson's 'Friends Are the Flowers', Kim Massey's (mine) 'Folk Art Hearts & Flowers'.
Carolyn Breland's 'Dresden Plates'.
Judy Lockhart's 'Tulip Collage', 'Just Bloom', 'Yaquina Head Lighthouse', 'Lighthouse Sunset';

Racheal Thomas' 'Paige Turner', 'The Pirate', 'A Merry Halloween';

Melinda Hollis' 'Small Emotions';

Margaret Hunt's 'Fall Leaves', Jack Russell's Having Fun'

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Oh I just love these pictures you posted today! And these mini embellished quilts are too cute! I'm not much one for embellishing, but you know, I love these - hmmm, wonder if I can find someone to show me how! I love that tulip one, but the pirate one is GREAT!
Oh and the pancake house challenge is too fun!