Tuesday, October 25, 2005

PHQ Quilt Show

The Challenge Quilts: Dorothy Wrigley's 'Parody', Rachael Thomas' 'Witch & Vampire', Marie Atkinson's 'Charm & Grace' & her 'Charmin' Grace', Betty Hostetler's 'Tea Time', MaryAnn Thompson's 'Charming Friends' made from signature blocks some members swapped this summer. Also included are Barbara McBeath's 'Charm & Grace & Ooh La La', Anne Whitehorn's 'Swimming with Charm & Grace' & Carolyn Breland's 'Charm & Grace 40's Style'.

Kay Lawrence's 'Crazy About Halloween' and Ille Waters' 'Frightfully Delightful Halloween Treats' are part of the Halloween Collection.

Judy Lockhart's 'Summer Collette' is one of several of her blended quilts she had at the quilt show. This one is my personal favorite.

Patty Lennon spent the last 2 1/2 years working on her 'Dear Jane, Don't Complain'. It is pieced and appliqued and this past summer she took it with her as she and her husband camped across the United States and Canada, telling the story of Dear Jane Stickle as she sat by the campfires.

Ille Water's 'Poison Ivy' story quilt. She calls it her Ricky Tims' "Caveman" meets Cindy Walters' "Snippets" meets Kristi Steiner's "Heart to Hand".

Other quilts in the show which were every bit as beautiful were Kay Lawrences 'Quilt for a Chosen Sister' a beautiful appliqued piece.

Paula Brown's art quilt 'Genesis - The Second Day' was selected for publication in the American Quilting Society's "Quilt Art 2006" calendar. Made of her own hand dyed fabrics along with commercial fabrics. It's a stunning piece.

Gene Comar's 'Stars in the Garden' wasn't large enough for her, so she added the larger border and appliqued in it also!!

Nancy Smith's 'Fans and Stones'. All of Nancy's quilts are hand pieced and quilted. She doesn't even own a sewing machine!

Bonnie Hunter's '1870's 9 Patch'.


Sarah said...

Thanks for showing all the great pictures!

Sarah N

Dawn said...

Oh I love bonnie's! thanks for all the pics!