Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bridgette's Surprise Baby Shower aka Operation Gumball

Our friend Bridgette is getting ready to have her 4th little boy. She didn't want a baby shower since it was baby #4 but she had given away all of her baby things since she didn't think she was having any more babies (like we've never heard of that happening to anyone before). But we had other plans for her *heh heh heh*

Oh, did I mention that this is her 'Disney souvenir' since her hubby had come home for leave from Iraq. He's been gone 2 years except for the Disney trip *snicker snort* so she has received more than her share of 'looks' from neighbors who didn't know he was home for 2 weeks. He is home and the baby still isn't here (I do believe he is going to be like my youngest who finally came when he got round-to-it) but thankfully her hubby has gotten back and will be here for the delivery. Maybe he will be a Fathers Day baby since her first was born on Mothers Day. :)

Best of wishes to Bridgette, John, boys & baby?

Kristine puts the final touches on the baby carriage.

Shelley & Carrie doing prep work

this is why we let Robin do games :)

waiting for Bridge


Robin takes charge 'and let the games begin'

Evie, willing victim (uh, i mean participant)

Laura looks thrilled with that one *heh heh*

Sheryl is REALLY enjoying this game *snort*

and then the camera died which is why i have no pics of her opening up her gifts :(

and the picture that made me run out and get my hair cut because it looks so awful of me:

Penny, Leila, me, Sherl (back)
Donna, Marshea (front)

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