Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Surprise from the Wonderful Women Who Quilt

My birthday was on a Monday night this year so I celebrated it with the Wonderful Women Who Quilt the night division of Pieceful Hearts Quilter in North Augusta, SC. We meet at St. Bart's Episcopal Church on Martintowne Road the first Monday of the month for meetings and every Monday following for quilting bees. They are a great group of ladies and we have lots of fun helping each other and spurring each other on in our projects. Usually only a handful come to the bees but the meetings are rather large.

me (before the great haircut), Ille (the doll who brought me cake) and Betsy and Marie

me, Ille, Betsy

Jackie, Marie, me, Ille, Betsy, Kay's mom, Kay's sister Beth

The WWWQ gave me flip flops for my birthday!! They said since it wasn't a finished quilt they were going to give it to me as a quilt kit...thankfully they were kidding :)

They wouldn't tell me what was going in the middle so I suppose I will have to wait to see what it is

Sooooo.... I was invited to the quilt workday the following week after Margaret was finished working and this is what they had done before I got there

adding some flip flops

Ille pondering

Mary & Margaret pondering

Laying it out what does it need????

Margaret sewing like a fiend & Ille preparing to iron.

Ille who irons as meticulously as she quilts and pieces.

Mary working on flip flop blocks

Quilt so far...and yes Margaret I swiped the pic from your blog *heh heh heh*

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jan said...

I've never been in a quilting group but this one looks great. What fun you must all have.