Friday, April 18, 2008

Tory & Kylie

Well I finally made it to Maryland to see the newest Houghton/Levasseur who was born in January. Tory is a little cutie bug (like her big sister, Kylie) and very smiley too (well usually).

Here she is with big sister after she was done her bath...Tory went in shortly afterwards for hers.

This is what is known as UNHAPPINESS if you weren't sure by the expression.

Daddy Eric and his girls (well the 2 little ones anyway-Misty was abstaining from the photography session).

Kylie and her Easter bunny and purse. I'm so glad I have one cooperative photography subject in the family.

Auntie Kim and Tory.

Auntie Kim and Kylie watch the Hannah Montana movie together on the kiddie sofa....looks cute, is soft, is NOT easy to get back out of...

On Sunday Kylie came to Memaws and had choir practice in the kitchen....

Uncle Doug takes a turn holding Tory.

Momma Misty and Tory...and you can hardly tell Misty is gritting her teeth wondering just how long this is going to take before it's finally overwith.....

Kylie sacks out in the rocking chair.

Meemaw burping Tory.


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh how precious! Congrats!! Love them babies, they are just so adorable!! Hope you gave them big hugs!!

SCquiltaddict said...

WHAT a cute baby!!!:>